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Standard Finishes

Premium Finishes

Note that there is a $350 upcharge for Premium Stain Finishes applied to your Murphy Bed cabinet, and a $250 upcharge for each side cabinet.  There is a $450 upcharge for Premium White and Alabaster Paint Finishes applied to your Murphy Bed cabinet, and a $350 upcharge for each side cabinet.
For painted finishes (white, alabaster, etc.), a paint grade MDX veneer over the same furniture grade plywood is used instead of Maple.  This ensures a more consistent and higher quality finish.  

Additional Finish Options


You may add a glaze to any finish we offer. Glazes are a wonderful addition to any stain. The purpose of a glaze is to draw attention to detail. For instance, if the wallbed you chose has a lot of detail, Glazes cake into the detail lines making them darker and accentuates that detail. If you've selected a rustic type of wood like Rustic Cherry or a more porous grained wood like Oak or Mahogany, the glaze will call greater attention to the characteristics of your wood selection. Glazes also make the original stain slightly darker adding depth to the finish. So, if you'd really like your wallbed selection to pop, ask us about adding either a black or brown glaze.


Note that for adding Glaze there is $400 upcharge for your RMurphy Bed cabinet and a $300 upcharge for each optional side cabinet.

Sherwin-Williams Colors



This is exciting news for those of you who want a painted finish on your Murphy Bed. We're now able to color match any of the Sherwin Williams color deck color choices. If you want a painted finish, simply go to the Sherwin Williams Color Deck and choose your color. Send us the code or number of that color choice and we will match it for you.


Note that for a custom Sherwin-Williams color match, there is $450 upcharge for your Murphy Bed cabinet and a $350 upcharge for each optional side cabinet.



Distressing is an artistic process accomplished by hand using picks, gouges and various other tools to dent, scrape, gouge and artificially age the wood.  Because of the artistic nature of this process, we can't guaranty a dent or scrape will be placed in any specific location on your cabinet.  The process of distressing is done using the professional judgement of the skilled craftsman doing the job.  Distsressed cabinets are considered to be "medium distressed" by accepted standards.  Because of the above, we cannot warranty the look or feel of the distressing.


Note that there is a $350 upcharge, in addition to other finish upcharges, if any, for distressing your Murphy Bed cabinet and a $250 upcharge for each additional side cabinet.



Samples of distressed cabinets.  Note that results will vary widely.
Farmhouse Finish


In some cases, we can offer our super premium Farmhouse Finish in a variety of colors.  Requiring multiple coats of high quality paints and/or stains and an intensive distressing process, these elegant examples of fine traditional furniture are unequaled in their look, feel and ability to add a whole new dimension to your decor.


Note that there is a $1,000 upcharge (inclusive of glazing and distressing) for the Farmhouse Finish, when available.  Call us for more information.

Samples of Farmhouse Finish in Black.  Note that results will vary widely.

Accuracy of color and finish will vary with settings on your computer monitor. Use as a reference only.  Due to the natural characteristics of wood, random grain patterns, wood color differences, mineral streaking and random markings are all normal occurrences and will be present in all cabinets. The samples on this website are intended as a reference only.  Request physical samples from Zoom-Room before purchasing your cabinet.

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