Murphy beds made of real wood header
Zoom-Room offers the highest quality Murphy Beds at the lowest prices.
Murphy beds made from real wood

Zoom-Room Traditional American Murphy Beds are made of real hand-finished wood.  For a classic piece of furniture that will last a lifetime, choose from a variety of real wood types and multiple finishes for our Murphy beds.

Our Murphy Bed cabinets are made in the USA using wood harvested from sustainably managed domestic forests.  We use kiln-dried, pre-graded solid wood for our platform frames, decorative moldings, and door stile and rail.  Cabinet face frames are covered with the highest quality wood veneer.  Each piece of wood that we use is hand selected to ensure surface quality, consistency in tone, and grain pattern.  For our Murphy Bed cabinets, side storage cabinets, and headboards, we use only ¾” thick, A-grade veneered hardwood plywood manufactured to meet the strictest state and federal emissions requirements and utilizing innovative and environmentally friendly materials and techniques.


Real wood.  There is a difference.

A Visit to the Murphy Bed Factory
Woodworking in the Murphy bed factory

When we say all-wood and hand finished, we mean all-wood and hand finished.  Here are some candid shots of the Murphy Bed factory where your wall bed is made.  Using a combination of hand and sophisticated state-of-the-art computerized tools, experienced craftsmen create elegant, sturdy furniture that will delight for a lifetime.

Picking up wood in the Murphy bed factory
Woodworking machines in the Murphy bed factory

Each wood piece is carefully chosen from the finest Oak, Maple and other woods harvested from domestic forests.  Door faces are carefully matched and honed to meet our exacting specifications.

Murphy bed crown molding in the factory

The same level of experience and care is applied to our premium crown molding, an option that is available on all Zoom-Room Murphy Beds.

Stain selection for Murphy beds

Though the results are gorgeous, hand staining is not a pretty business.  Applying thin coats, rubbing to a silky finish, then doing it again and again - that's what produces that fine patina that's a true mark of great furniture.

Finishing wood panels in the Murphy bed factory
Murphy bed pieces stained

The results of our solid wood Murphy beds are truly exceptional.  This is how it used to be done.

Murphy bed packing

And to protect your new heirloom, great care is taken to ensure that each piece is packaged securely.  Over the years we've developed optimal custom packaging for our Murphy Bed collections, and now have a minimal damage rate during shipping.