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1. Where can I buy a Zoom-Room Remote Controlled Murphy Bed?

See our list of Authorized Dealers for your closest Zoom-Room Murphy Bed vendor. Or call toll-free (888) 211-1120, and we'll direct you to a Dealer in your area. We are constantly building our Dealer network. If we do not yet have a vendor in your area, give us a call on the toll free number, and we'll arrange to build and install your Zoom-Room through our corporate offices. Note that not all Authorized Dealers have show beds installed, so call before you drop by to be sure.

2. Who installs my Zoom-Room Remote Controlled Murphy Bed?

Your Authorized Zoom-Room Dealer will install your Zoom-Room. If you don't have a Dealer nearby, we'll send an installer to your home. If you’re handy with a drill, you can save installation costs by installing your Zoom-Room on your own, or hiring a handyman to do so. Each unit comes with a detailed illustrated installation manual, and we offer full phone support through the toll-free number.

3. What kind of warranty does the Zoom-Room Remote Controlled Murphy Bed have?

The Zoom-Room Murphy Bed mechanism and mattress have a 5-year limited warranty. If any part breaks due to factory defect or normal wear and tear, well replace it! See our Warranty for the exact wording and specifications. Please note that cabinetry, mattress covers, and batteries are not included in the warranty.

4. Where can I see a Zoom-Room in action?

We are constantly growing our network of Authorized Dealers, and they are working hard to incorporate Zoom-Room into their showrooms. However, it is possible that one is not yet installed in your area. See our list of Authorized Dealers and call one nearby to make an appointment. Ask if they have a Zoom-Room on display, and if not, when they expect to have one. Otherwise, call (888) 211-1120 and we’ll let you know where you can find the nearest showroom with a Zoom-Room model on view.

5. Can I have my own cabinetmaker make my Zoom-Room cabinet?

Yes. Please call us at (888) 211-1120 for detailed shop drawings and instructions on how to construct Zoom-Room cabinetry, and we encourage the opportunity for our design staff to review your specific plan – steps that will ensure trouble-free installation and operation.  You can also find technical documents here.

6. What kind of cabinet can I build for my Zoom-Room?

Whether you need a home entertainment center, a Zoom-Desk, a china cabinet, or simply extra storage, your Zoom-Room solution is limited only by your imagination – and certain specifications that must be followed to ensure your Zoom-Room cabinet will accommodate the mechanism and mattress.  Call us at (888) 211-1120 for the shop drawings that specify the dimensions of the center cabinetry that accommodates the Zoom-Room mechanism and mattress. From there, you can build virtually anything on the sides to meet your specific requirements. See also Cabinet Options for some standard suggestions, and take a look at our Photo Gallery for custom design solutions that others have created.

7. How long has Zoom-Room been in business?

The first electronic, remote controlled retractable wall bed was introduced to the United States under the Zoom-Room name in 2005 after being sold in Europe and Asia for ten years. Since then, Zoom-Room has worked consistently to incorporate innovations and improvements for the American market, resulting in the high quality product available to you today.

8. Why should I choose an electronic Murphy Bed over a traditional Murphy bed or other types of wall beds?

  • The Zoom-Room electronic Murphy Bed is automatic, and easily opened and closed using a wireless remote.

  • A Zoom-Room electronic Murphy Bed does not fold down. Instead, it "snakes" up and down the rear of a 2' deep cabinet, much like a reverse garage door. This allows for a 9" deep front panel, on which you can install a flat screen TV, adjustable shelves, a china cabinet with doors, or anything else you can think of (a dart board, perhaps?). The point is, the space in front of the cabinet is not wasted.

  • No one knows it's there. Until you press the button, all you see is beautiful cabinetry built for the specific design solution (home entertainment center, home office, china cabinet) you have created. No one asks about the big blank space against the wall that's the telltale sign of other hide-away beds. Press the button, and Zoom-Room floats into the room. Watch the expression on the faces of your friends and relatives, and expect to hear the word "Wow!" often.

  • Zoom-Room uses a special foam mattress on top of an adjustable beech wood slatted frame. Slatted frames are the standard for 95% of all beds in Europe. Simply stated, Zoom-Room feels like a luxurious bed, much like the one you probably have in your master bedroom. It is more comfortable than a Murphy bed, which has neither box springs nor, normally, a slatted frame, and since it’s adjustable, you can fine tune the firmness of the mattress.

  • Zoom-Room does not have to be bolted to the floor or the wall like a Murphy bed. This offers an added level of flexibility when creating custom design solutions for your space. It also means that if you move, you can take your Zoom-Room with you.

  •  It’s a piece of furniture you (and your friends) can fall in love with. Hard to do with a Murphy bed.

9. Can I use my own mattress on my Zoom-Room?

No. Zoom-Room electronic, remote controlled Murphy Beds use a premium foam mattress that is specially designed for and included with the Zoom-Room mechanism.  We offer both our standard firm mattress, and an upgraded mattress with an integrated memory foam topper, for those looking for something a bit softer.

10. How much does a Zoom-Room cost?

Prices for a complete unit with custom cabinetry will vary from city to city, and cabinet maker to cabinet maker. The retail price for a Queen Size Zoom-Room mechanism and mattress is $5,450.  If you would like to purchase a Zoom-Room electronic Murphy Bed system with our Standard Media Cabinet, pricing starts at $7,700 (not including shipping and installation) for a Zoom-Room system with center cabinet. Discounts to the Trade and for multiple units are available. Please see the Price section of this website for additional information. Contact your Authorized Dealer, or call us at (888) 211-1120 for specific information about the cost of your Zoom-Room and various cabinetry options.

11. Can I put a Zoom-Room anywhere?

Almost. First, you need enough space for your Zoom-Room cabinet. Second, you need a regular 110v outlet accessible to the back of the cabinet. Third, you need an unobstructed space extending 106" from the back of the cabinet to accommodate the bed as it extends into the room. Note that it does not climb easily over throw rugs. Fourth, the floor needs to be a level hard surface or low pile carpeting that extends completely under the cabinet. Higher pile carpet and surfaces that are not level will impede operation. Otherwise, Zoom-Room will work in any indoor space. It will work against a wall, or built into a wall or closet. Zoom-Room does not need to be bolted to the floor or the wall, so you can even put it in the middle of the room, should you want to do so.


Take a minute to read through our Before You Buy guide at the bottom of this page for additional Zoom-Room requirements.

12. How long does it take to receive my Zoom-Room Murphy Bed?

We try to keep inventories of Queen-size Zoom-Rooms in our warehouse, and the mechanisms and mattresses are sometimes available in less than two weeks. However we have often sell out, and it's best to make your purchase as soon as you know you want to move ahead.  Construction of the cabinetry is subject to a variety of considerations, including the current pipeline and complexity of the options you choose. A Queen-Size Zoom-Room with a Standard cabinet is generally available in twenty weeks. Please check with your Authorized Zoom-Room Dealer or call our toll-free number (888) 211-1120 for availability and delivery times.

13. How much weight does a Zoom-Room Murphy Bed support?

A Queen-size Zoom-Room will support up to 450 pounds with the mechanism in a fixed position. Note that you should never extend or retract a Zoom-Room while anyone is on it. Standing or jumping on a Zoom-Room will damage the unit.

14. If my Zoom-Room mechanism breaks, what do I do? ​

If your Zoom-Room malfunctions due to normal wear and tear within five years of purchase, call our toll-free number (888) 211-1120 and we'll send you a replacement part. If your Zoom-Room malfunctions for reasons other than normal wear and tear, call our toll-free number and we will sell you individual parts as needed. Mattress covers, which are not covered by the limited warranty, may also be purchased by calling the toll-free number. Generally, you can easily install replacement parts on your own. We will send specific instructions and offer full phone support. Should you not be able to install the part on your own, we will arrange for an installer to repair your Zoom-Room for a fee.

15. Does Zoom-Room use a regular outlet for power?

Yes. Zoom-Room uses standard 110v outlets. Only one plug is required.

16. How do I operate the remote control unit, including the child safety lock?

Make sure the included battery is installed in the remote, and that the carriage system is unobstructed.

  • To open your Zoom-Room: Press and hold the down arrow in the remote. Lift your finger when the bed is fully extended.

  • To close your Zoom-Room: Press and hold the up arrow in the remote. Lift you finger when the bed is fully closed.

Once the top of the bed reaches the top of the cabinet, or the Footboard has fully closed, stop pressing the button. Continuing to hold the button once the bed is fully extended or retracted may damage the unit.

  •  To operate the child safety lock: Press the round button on the remote twice and hold (on the second press) to activate the Child Safety Lock. You will notice the LED light on the remote will blink a few times, then turn off. Once the LED is off, you may let go of the round button and the bed will be locked.  To deactivate the feature, simply follow the steps again.

17. How long does it take for the Zoom-Room Murphy Bed to fully extend and retract?

It takes the Zoom-Room about 40 seconds to either extend or retract. For safety reasons, you must keep your finger on the button during this time.

18. Can I leave my sheets and blankets on the Zoom-Room?

You can leave a fitted sheet on your Zoom-Room. Other sheets and blankets must be removed when the mattress is retracted back into the cabinet.

19. How safe is the Zoom-Room?

To operate the Zoom-Room wireless remote, you must continue to press the "open" or "close" button until the unit is fully extended or retracted. Lift your finger, and it stops – the best way to ensure that no one gets caught. The motors, while strong enough to lift the mattress, are not strong enough to cause serious damage.

Every Zoom-Room remote comes with a child safety lock, making it inoperable until unlocked. Locking and unlocking is easy and fast. Do not allow children to operate your Zoom-Room without adult supervision.


20. What is your Privacy Policy?


 At times, Zoom-Room collects contact data and project information from clients who willingly provide this information so we can more fully explain our products and offer design advice.  With the client's permission, we will share this information only with: 1) Zoom-Room dealers who may provide appropriate products and guidance to the client; and/or, 2) the client's design professionals who are helping them complete their projects.  Otherwise, Zoom-Room does not provide contact or other information to third parties unless obliged to do so by law.


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Zoom-Room purchases include a standard queen size mechanism and mattress (the mattress is an integral part of the system).  If you are having your own cabinet maker build the cabinet and wish to purchase a mechanism and mattress without a cabinet, the price is $5,450 (but remember, all Zoom-Room units must be housed in a cabinet built to the correct sprecifications). Additionally, special order sizes are available upon request (see below).


You may see pricing for our Custom Cabinetry under Zoom-Room Custom Cabinetry.                 

A King Size Zoom-Room can be made as a custom order. The European Style King Bed consists of two twin size mattresses and mechanisms with a 1 inch gap in between.  A King Size mechanism and mattress is $9,350.  Please call us for King Size cabinetry pricing.  Special order Twin and Full Size mechanisms and mattresses are also available for $5,950.


Home Office Cabinetry is customized to meet your exact needs, and is priced accordingly.  You won't find more elegant all-wood hand crafted cabinetry of this quality anywhere else on the web.


If you want to design a Custom Cabinet for your space, pricing will depend on the final design, style and materials you choose.  Prices generally start at $8,000 and have gone up as high as $45,000, including the mechanism and mattress.

Zoom-Room offers an upgrade to a Memory Foam Topper Mattress for all Sizes except King for an additional $550.


Give us a call (888-211-1120) for more information, and always keep an eye out on our Home Page for discounts and sales!

Prices subject to change without notice.



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If you are purchasing a Zoom-Room Murphy Bed with a City Line Cabinet, the bed is  shipped directly to you via freight fowarder. Shipping time is generally five business days, depending on your location.  If you are purchasing just the Zoom-Room mechanism and mattress, these may be sent to either the mill worker who is fabicating your cabinet or directly to you, once again via frieght forwarder.


Prices for shipping are to the curb.  Additional charges will apply to bring the unit into the residence (White Glove Delivery) depending on circumstances (stairs, frieght elevator, parking restrictions, etc.), and to deliver to locations in more sparesely populated areas.  Shipping charges change often, and you should check with us for the latest costs.

Mechanism and Mattress without Cabinets           $375

With a Center Media Cabinet                                    $900

With a Center and One Side Cabinet                       $950

With a Center and Two Side Cabinets                     $1,100

For Optional Center Shelving Add                            $90

For a Zoom-Desk Add                                                $150

Home Office Cabinetry                                               Varies

Shipping prices subject to change without notice.

Shipping prices shown are to lower 48 states.


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Zoom-Room recommends that you use a professional installer to install your Zoom-Room murphy bed unit. Your local Authorized Zoom-Room Dealer can install your Zoom-Room, or if there is no dealer in your area and you buy your Zoom-Room directly from Zoom-Room's corporate offices, we will send a representative to your home for installation.  Travel costs will be added to the cost of installation.


If you have your own cabinetmaker build the cabinets, we will send detailed shop drawings and installation instructions and offer full support during the installation process, or send out an authorized installer if requested. Installation costs will depend on travel and lodging expenses should it be necessary for installers to travel to your site.  Installation costs vary and can change without notice.


Installation costs:

Mechanism and Mattress without Cabinets             $900

With a Center Media Cabinet                                      $1,200

With a Center and One Side Cabinet                         $1,300

With a Center and Two Side Cabinets                       $1,400

For Optional Shelving                                                   $75

Zoom-Desk                                                                    $1,200

Home Office Cabinetry and Lighting                         Varies



The Zoom-Room electronic, remote controlled retractable Murphy Bed is the ideal solution for convertible spaces.  It’s completely undetectable, and transforms a beautiful piece of furniture into a totally comfy guest bed in under 60 seconds.


To make sure the Zoom-Room Murphy Bed will work in your home, be sure to read the following requirements:


Carpet/Area Rugs


Zoom-Room works well on level hard floor surfaces and low pile (think Berber or commercial glue down), wall-to-wall carpet.  On higher pile or plush carpeting, not so much.  Low or no carpet padding is OK, but you don’t want to make it extra-thick, as the bed tends to "sink down" into high pile carpet/pad surfaces.  If the floor surface is too soft, the Zoom-Room footboard and mechanism may have difficulty operating normally.  We do include special casters  for use in rooms with carpeting, which solve most of the issues – but carpet that’s too thick may still be a problem.  The mechanism does not “climb” well over area rugs, so it’s best not to put them in front of your Zoom-Room unless you can easily move them out of the way.




The Queen Size Zoom-Room Murphy Bed cabinet is 64” wide, 87” tall and 24” deep.  The unit is free standing (it does not have to be bolted to the wall or floor), but if it’s against a wall, make sure it won’t cover any windows, doors or vents.


The bed extends 7 feet from the front of the cabinet (106" from the wall).   Be sure there won’t be any obstacles in its path that are not easily moved (rugs, coffee tables, etc.).




If your Zoom-Room Murphy Bed is going to be delivered to your home, someone will have to be there to accept the unit.  Please be sure to inform us if there are any obstacles to an easy delivery.  These include not having a freight elevator in an apartment building, stairs of any kind, the need to use a lift gate, small doors and passageways, etc.  We do have to charge extra when more manual labor is required, but it’s much better to know beforehand than find out on delivery day.  Shipping normally takes less than 7 business days from the time the unit leaves our warehouse to anywhere within the Continental U.S..


Power Supply


Remember, this is an electronic Murphy Bed, so you will need a standard 110v outlet (Zoom-Beds use a single plug).  If you don’t want to use an extension cord, we recommend having an outlet on the wall somewhere behind the center of the unit.


For the plug not to interfere with the support beam at the back of the Zoom-Room mechanism, it’s preferable that the bottom of the outlet is at least 18” above the finished floor.  If it’s lower, the unit won’t sit perfectly flat against the wall by an inch or two (also, if you want that “built in” look, you may want to remove any floor molding that could prevent you from pushing the cabinet flush with the wall).


Cabinet Manufacturing


If you are planning to order our Standard line of cabinets, manufacturing normally takes 20 weeks.  Please plan accordingly.  In a rush?  Sometimes we can get it to you sooner – call and ask us at (888) 211-1120.


If you are having custom cabinets made for your Zoom-Room Murphy Bed, be sure that your cabinet maker has received the latest Shop Drawings from us and that we get the opportunity to review the drawings for the specific cabinets being built for your bed (email them to or fax them to (305) 677-9278).  This is how we can be sure there won’t be any problems once it’s time to install your unit.


Any questions?  Call us at (888) 211-1120 or email us at

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