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Zoom-Room Murphy TV Beds - Everything You Need To Know!

What is a Zoom-Bed?

A Zoom-Bed is a 21st century wall bed, designed and manufactured in Germany. Unlike traditional Murphy Beds the Zoom-Bed does not fold down; Alternatively, it slides down from a luxurious cabinet at the touch of a button. As the Zoom-Bed doesn’t fold down, you can put a TV in front. The cabinets are completely customizable, so there are many ideas you can create with this space.

There are several lines of cabinets to fit your interior - whatever your style, there’s a Zoom-bed for you. There’s also a variety of custom cabinets so you can create the perfect design to suit your space. This Zoom-Bed would be a great solution for your spare bedroom, home office and living room; providing useful during the holidays and special occasions.

The Zoom-Room Murphy Bed has been an exclusive piece of German engineered furniture. The beds are stored in an elegant cabinet - perfect for storage. As well as this, the Zoom-Room Murphy Beds give you the option to utilize the space in the central point of the cabinet to house a flat screen TV. The beauty of the Zoom-Bed is that it provides a smarter space design if you have a more compact space.

How Does the Zoom Room Murphy Bed with TV work?

This innovative design was created by Europeans knowing for many years that bed frames made from wooden slats outshine box springs with durability, comfort and support. This concept was further developed by Zoom-Room to create the absolute design solution for convertible spaces.

With wireless technology, the luxurious foam mattress glides effortlessly out from the cabinetry from a vertical track that is hidden inside this gorgeous cabinet. This Zoom-Bed is created with a European-style slatted frame. The Zoom-Room Bed is also completely undetectable inside the cabinetry at just 24” deep. Unlike other wall beds, the Zoom Room Murphy Bed does not interfere with your flat screen TV, bookshelves or whatever you choose to place in front of them. The TV gets fixed to the cabinet with the wires placed behind the cabinetry.

The Comfort of the Murphy Bed with TV

The Zoom-Bed Murphy Bed has a high quality foam mattress with the option to have an integrated memory foam topper. The foam mattresses for Murphy Beds hold their elasticity for decades, with lumps and sagging never present. The bed frames are made from top-quality beechwood slats - which is a standard practice in Europe. Zoom-Beds are designed to last a lifetime.

Murphy Bed Warranty

With high quality German engineering, Zoom-Room Murphy Beds have a 5-year warranty that covers the mattress, motors and mechanisms. If a part is faulty, we simply send you a new one! Mattresses can wear and tear over time, so are sold separately by calling a Zoom-Room Dealer on (888) 211-1120. Labor, cabinetry elements and cabinets are not included within this warranty.

Can I Mount a TV to a Murphy Bed?

Whether you choose a home office, cinema room or guest room design for your Murphy Bed. This space-saving design maximizes available space by having the television mounted to the panels that become the underside of the Murphy Bed when it is in use. The TV will remain in place and be fully operational while the Murphy Bed is raised and lowered.

It is possible to place a TV to a Murphy Bed, but for a more secure location and cohesive unit a Zoom-Room Murphy Bed with a TV would be more beneficial. This is because the cabinetry can be designed to specifically suit your space and the bed glides down a vertical track. Here at Zoom-Room, we offer

Zoom Room Redefines the Concept of Convertible Spaces

The Zoom Room Murphy Bed with TV is a useful and stylish space saving solution when looking for a storage and home entertainment system. The electronic, remote controlled Zoom-Room Murphy Bed is placed in a central cabinet, with the option to place side wardrobes, bookshelves and boxes above . At Zoom-Room we will work closely with you to provide a design solution that matches your style and meet your exact needs. The Zoom-Room Murphy Bed provides the most comfortable and convertible sleep solution on the market, with an additional 5 year warranty.

To establish the perfect fit for your home, browse our cabinet collections to help determine the perfect remote controlled zoom-room murphy-bed for you! We have 4 collections to choose from: City Line, City Line Plus, American Modern and Royal Line. In each collection, there is also the option to have custom cabinets made to measure within your home. There is also the possibility to have Zoom-Desks and Home in the designs mentioned above.

For a Zoom Room Murphy TV Bed you can’t find anywhere else and help with smart, small-space design solutions - contact Zoom-Room today on (888) 211-1120.


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