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Murphy Beds in 2023 - A Growing Trend

One of the hottest home decor trends in 2023 might come as a surprise. It’s not a new technology or AI inspired smarthome device, but rather a resurgence of our very own Murphy Beds! That is, according to a recent article in Better Homes and Gardens.

“I think the main takeaway is that wallbeds or Murphy beds are for everyone,” The article surmises. “Large space, small space, guest rooms, everyday sleepers, space needed for other purposes, etc. Wall beds simply create more livable and usable space in any home.” And who doesn’t want that?

The article highlights the increasing popularity of tiny houses, studio apartments, and compact living spaces as a significant driving force behind the Murphy bed's comeback. With limited square footage, people are seeking innovative ways to optimize their living areas, and Murphy beds provide an effective solution.

The piece also explores the benefits of Murphy beds beyond space-saving. They offer versatility, allowing a room to serve multiple purposes, such as transforming a home office into a guest room when needed (or vice versa!). Moreover, the increased comfort and mattress quality of Murphy beds have helped eliminate the perception that they are less comfortable than traditional beds.

“People have always had a need for products to help create more space or utilize small spaces in their living situations. The need for multi-functional rooms has continued to grow, and people want to get more use of their real estate,” the article says. “Why have a guest room that has a bed in it that only gets used a few times a year and collects dust (and your piles of stuff) the rest of the time? Why not have the room be your home office, craft, or exercise room most of the time—but you have the guest space when you need it?”

So if you want to get involved in the hottest trend in home decor, speak to the experts at Zoom Room today!


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