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Zoom Room Bed Sizing Guide

Zoom Beds are made to last, so we want to make sure that you love your new bed as much as we do. A question which we often hear is “What size does the standard Zoom Bed come in?” so we thought we would share some key information about the sizing of the Zoom Beds.

As always, our team of experts are on hand to answer any other questions you may have about the beds, so make sure that you speak with them if you are unsure about anything. Not only will they advise you on what’s best for you personally, but they can help you with the sizing as well.

Zoom Bed Sizes

Zoom Beds are designed to be multifunctional pieces of furniture which can help you make the most out of your small space. Our Electronic Remote Controlled Retractable Zoom-Bed Murphy Bed is a Queen Size as standard. The measurements for this bed are as follows:


Cabinet: 63 3/8" W X 87" H X 24" D

Mattress: 59"W X 78 1/2"L

The majority of people decide on the Queen Sized bed as this is typically the best size for people and will fit in most people’s homes.

How much space do I need for a Zoom Bed?

When deciding which Zoom Bed you would like, it’s important to measure the space in your room.

Make sure that you measure the whole space as you’ll probably need some extra space either side of the bed. This will ensure that you have enough space for any other furniture which you might have to fit into the bedroom, and allow you enough space to move around the bed. Your Zoom-Room bed will extend 106" from the back of the cabinet. This area must be unobstructed.

Please also allow extra space if you are needing to accommodate for the movements of equipment such as a wheelchair.

Need a different size Zoom Bed?

We understand that the standard size won’t be the correct size for everyone, which is why we advise that you measure your space and allow sufficient space either side and also around the bed.

If you were looking for another size in this bed then we highly recommend speaking with one of our experts. They can advise you on which size would be best for you and your home. It’s important to measure your space correctly so that we can provide you with the best advice possible.

Please note that if you would like the Electronic Remote Controlled Retractable Zoom-Bed in Twin, Full or King size then this will have to be made as a special order. This requires a surcharge as it will be specially manufactured in the factory in Germany to fit in your home.

What are the dimensions of the Zoom Bed sizes?


Cabinet: 63 3/8" W X 87" H X 24" D

Mattress: 59"W X 78 1/2"L


Cabinet: 59 1/2" W X 87" H X 24" D

Mattress: 55"W X 78 1/2"L


Cabinet: 43 3/4" W X 87" H X 24" D

Mattress: 39"W X 78 1/2"L

King (Euro)

The King size Zoom-Room come in one cabinet, but has two internal mechanisms and two twin size mattresses less than one inch apart from one another.

Cabinet: 83 3/4" W X 87" H X 24" D

Mattresses: 2 X 39"W X 78 1/2"L

Standard and optional Zoom-Bed Cabinet

The center cabinet for your Zoom Bed is an essential part of your bed, and the measurements for this is as follows:

63-3/8" W x 24” D x 87” H

The Zoom-Bed extends 106" from the back wall (24" for the cabinet and 82" for the bed).

An optional extra is the Center Shelf, this is 9” deep. Another optional extra for the City Line Bed is the side cabinets for both the left and right side. The measurements are as follows:

19-1/2” W x 24” D x 87” H (custom sizes available). Includes drawer, 12” pullout side table, upper cabinet with two adjustable shelves, hanging rod, and door, and lower cabinet with one adjustable shelf and door.

Need to speak to an expert?

Please contact us directly to speak with an expert for any additional information and availability. It’s important to us that you love your Zoom Bed, so our friendly team will do their best to find the bed which is right for you.

The easiest way to purchase your Zoom-Bed Murphy Bed, with either Standard or Custom Cabinets is to call us at (888) 211-1120. From there we will either handle it all for you or put you in contact with the nearest Authorized Dealer (who can build your custom cabinetry).

If you have your own cabinetmaker, you can talk with your own cabinetmaker and ask him to fabricate custom cabinets. You’ll need to contact us (either at or 888-211-1120) for detailed shop drawings and 100% support during the process (we're happy to review drawings of your custom cabinet to make sure everything will come out fine when it comes time to install).

If you have any further questions, please also make sure to check out our FAQs, and if you can’t find your answer, contact our experts today!


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