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Clients may purchase their Zoom-Bed cabinets directly from Zoom-Room, an authorized dealer, or they may have their own cabinet maker fabricate the cabinetry.  Below are PDFs that will help, including Shop Drawings, Installation Documents, and less technical Dimensional Drawings that are helpful when planning out a room.  If you have questions about these drawings or any aspect of fabricating or installing a Zoom-Bed, give us a call at (888) 211-1120 from 9:30AM-5PM Eastern Time.  We're here to help.  If you need help with an installation issue, give us a call during normal business hours to set up a FaceTime call so that our installers can troubleshoot the issue with you and find an immediate solution.

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Zoom-Bed Shop Drawings

The Shop Drawings below are for the Queen Size Zoom-Bed Media Cabinet (the standard center cabinet) as well as special order Twin, Full and King size shop drawings.  Also included are Shop Drawings for the Zoom-Desk.  The last page of each drawing contains a detailed cut sheet.

If you are fabricating a Zoom-Bed Cabinet, please follow these shop drawings exactly, and send us drawings of the custom cabinet you're building to Zoom-Room for review at before you start cutting pieces.

A note about bolsters: The bolsters you see in the shop drawing are just spacers and except for the very bottoms are not seen.  Though in several spots there is a radius, these do not have to be exact.  Often the best thing to do is wait until you receive the Zoom-Bed mechanism, take out the white rail guides, and trace them, in that way there's no need to program a radius into your CNC system.

Media Cabinet Shop Drawings

Zoom-Desk Shop Drawings

Detailed Bolster Drawings (see note above)

Installation Instructions, Users Manual & Troubleshooting

The Installation Instructions below are for all sizes of the Zoom-Bed mechanism and mattress, whether you are installing them in your own cabinet or one built by Zoom-Room.  We've also included installation instructions for Media Cabinet, Zoom-Desks, and our standard Side Cabinets fabricated by Zoom-Room .  If you have questions during installation, you may call us from 9:30AM - 5PM Eastern Time at (888) 211-1120.  If we're available, we'll be happy to help.  If not, we'll make an appointment when you can be at the bed and we can FaceTime to troubleshoot the issue.

Installation Instructions

Users Manual


Dimensional Drawings

The Dimensional Drawings below are for clients and designers who want to better understand how the Zoom-Bed will fit in their room.  They are not detailed enough to fabricate cabinetry, but they do show all the important dimensions including the projection of the bed from the wall out into the room (106" for all vertical units).  Note that Twin, Full and King beds have the same cabinet dimensions except for the widths, which are Twin: 43 3/4" Wide   Full: 59 1/2" Wide   King: 83 3/4" Wide.  All Horizontal Units are 83 3/4" Wide but the heights for the various sizes may differ (note that you may also build the Horizontal Cabinets taller than the height of the bed if desired). 

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