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Murphy Bed Bedding

Now that you’ve purchased your Murphy bed, investing in the right type of sheets to ensure a great night’s sleep is essential. The beauty of the murphy bed is that when it is not used, it can be stowed away; maximizing space and maintaining an uncluttered aesthetic, whether that’s for a workout space or a home office.

In this blog, Zoom Room has answered the common questions related to all things Murphy bed bedding, so you’ll never need to wonder...

What Sized Mattress Will I Need For My Murphy Bed?

Traditional Murphy beds use a 11” or 12” deep mattress that is supported by the door panel of your Murphy Bed. This also can be a box spring, so you’ll get just as good of a night’s sleep as you would with a typical bed style. Unlike a futon or sofa bed, your guests won’t have to contend with any bars, lumps or bumps. Because of the new foam technologies developed, sofa murphy beds would give you the option of a cozy and comfortable bed when desired and a spacious living area when needed.

Murphy beds are just as comfortable as regular beds, with many built to entertain a different kind of mattress than a traditional box spring. More contemporary and stylish Murphy beds have a much thinner mattress at 6” or 7” so it is crucial you check which style of Murphy bed you have purchased to ensure that you choose the correct mattress.

What Sized Bedding Do I Need for My Murphy Bed?

Many Murphy bed mattresses are not as deep as the range of “extra-deep” models currently available, so standard sheet sizing can be used for full, king and queen size Murphy beds. A fantastic website to identify the best sheets for your Murphy bed is They will be able to accommodate the different sizes you may need for your Murphy bed.

Where can I store the pillows when the bed is not in use?

If there’s room, it’s always useful to include one or two side storage cabinets that can be used, among other things, to store linens and pillows for the bed. This may not be possible, so ensure that the bedding you select is warm enough for the night, but also compact enough for your Murphy Bed to close securely.

Having a tall and wide wall would allow for a storage unit to go above your Murphy Bed, allowing thicker winter comforters and pillows to be conveniently stored away. If you have a standard eight foot size, having a side unit for the pillows and comforters to fit inside is beneficial.

Can the sheets be left on a Murphy Bed when it is stowed away?

Flat sheets, bottom sheets and slim style comforters can all stay on the Murphy Bed when they return to their original position; whether that’s a desk bed, sofa bed or bunk bed. As well as this, a Murphy Bed has a built-in strap which holds the bedding in place, so there is no need to change the bedding every night and add to your household duties! If your Murphy Bed is only used as a guest bed a few times within the year, it is not recommended to keep the bedding on all the time as it can get stuffy and stale over time.

For a Zoom-Bed, you may leave the bottom sheet on the bed when it is retracted, but you have to remove the top sheet and comforter.

What design options are available for Murphy Beds?

There are a variety of different Murphy Bed designs to accommodate exactly what you're looking for:

Hopefully, all of your Murphy bed bedding questions will now be answered!

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