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Murphy Beds for Minimalists

During the Pandemic, many people spent a lot of time at home. Spending so much time at home gave many people the opportunity to examine their belongings and determine what mattered to find items that could easily be given away. From this, many people realized they could live without a lot of ‘things’ and therefore a new trend of minimalism was born.

One of the most significant reasons Murphy beds are great for minimalists is because the mattress folds inside a frame at the simple touch of a button, you can create a cozy bedroom with a Zoom-Room Murphy bed. A Simple Murphy bed designed for a minimalist who wants a compact aesthetic product. The Lightweight build uses a functional coat hanger bar on the face that also doubles as the beds base for sleeping.

If you are downsizing to a smaller home, a compact Murphy bed may just be the perfect solution. For interior styles that follow the contemporary trend, simple, thin low profile Murphy beds lend themselves perfectly to this design as they are 11” deep.

How a Murphy Bed Can Fit With Your Minimalist Lifestyle

If you consider yourself a minimalist, then you know that living with only the essentials allows you to focus on what’s important in life. When you decorate your space to reflect your lifestyle, the benefits of this become even more evident. Our Sofa Murphy Beds are perfect for a minimalist lifestyle.

Murphy Beds Create a Multi-Use Space

One of the core principles of minimalist living is the freedom you get. You don’t get overwhelmed by the clutter and instead of just using one space as your sleeping space, you can use that space for multipurpose. Why not try a media cabinet Zoom Bed? Here, you can install a TV and have plenty of storage units, all while having a bed easily stored behind it. At the touch of a button, your Zoom Bed will effortlessly glide down the tracks.

A Murphy Bed Provides a Simple, Seamless Design

If you’re a fan of minimalism, there’s a very good chance you like a simple, clean space. When a Murphy Bed is put away, it looks smooth and elegant. They look less cluttered than traditional beds with their thin and low profile, so you are less likely to let laundry accumulate as the bed needs to be folded up in the wall.

A Murphy Bed Gives The Ultimate Comfort

When choosing a minimalist bed, you need to focus on two things: function and style. These Italian made Zoom beds provide a great deal of comfort, unlike any other wallbed of their kind.

For some, this may mean a bed that folds up to reveal a sofa for you and your friends to sit on. For others, it could be a media unit with a Zoom Bed that glides out from behind at the touch of a button. For all your minimalist Murphy Bed designs, contact Zoom Room today!


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