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Murphy Bunk Beds

Unequaled Italian style marries fifty years of engineering innovation to create this stunning line of elegant space saving furniture.  Designed and fabricated in Northern Italy from the finest materials available, these beautiful Murphy Bunk Beds are available through Zoom-Room at prices 30%-40% below comparable top-tier products.  We do it by foregoing expensive showrooms and marketing directly to you.  Call us now at (888) 211-1120 for a Free Design Consultation on our horizontal twin wall bunk beds.

Boss and Flat Murphy Beds Open.jpg

Boss Twin 

Murphy Bunk Beds

  • Twin Horizontal Bunk Bed
  • Ladder and Top Bunk Safety Bar
  • Rotates 65* for Easy Upkeep
  • Bottom Bunk Desk Option!
Angel Open best.jpg
  • Twin Horizontal Bunk Bed
  • Ladder & Safety Bar
  • Rotates 65* for Easy Upkeep
Castello Murphy Bunk Beds Both Open.jpg

Nathan Twin

Murphy Bunk Beds

  • Twin Horizontal Bunk Bed
  • Ladder & Safety Bar
  • Revolving Back Creates a Sofa!
Ledo Vertical Bunk Bed Open.jpg

Ledo Twin

Murphy Bunk Beds

  • Twin Vertical Bunk Beds
  • Included Ladder

Angel Twin

Murphy Bunk Beds

Murphy Bunk Bed Introduction


These Murphy Bunk Beds are perfect for a Kid's Room, Ski Lodge, Fire House, or anywhere you need to fit lots of people in a small space. Exceptionally low profile and made from the finest European laminates.  With the Boss, you can have a murphy bunk bed with desk by making the bottom bunk into a desk, and with the Castello, there's a reversible back that makes the bottom bunk a sofa!.  The brilliant engineering behind these fold down bunk beds allows for all of this with minimum effort in the least amount of space.

Check out the VIDEO HERE.



The patented aluminum colored reinforced iron frame for the Revolving Murphy Bed allows for a safe, smooth and easy pivot from front side (shelves, cabinets, or shelves with a fold down table) to back side, where the bed is hidden. You may leave everything on the shelves and in the cabinets – they won’t fall off!


The Murphy Bunk Bed 


All of our Contemporary Italian Murphy Beds come with a Beechwood slated frame supported by rubber gaskets – what they use in Europe instead of box springs – for total comfort.  Our high-quality high density all foam mattresses come in standard and memory foam models to suit your taste.  The Murphy Bunk Bed system has been tested for 50,000 cycles, ensuring a lifetime of satisfying use and convenience.   A mattress strap is provided so you may keep the bedding in place, though you will have to store the pillows elsewhere.


Murphy Bunk Bed Finishes


Our Murphy Bunk Beds feature a variety of the highest quality laminate finishes.  Use one finish throughout or use one laminate for the sides and another for the front panel.


Have another finish you like better?  Send us a sample and we’ll suggest additional options that will give you the look you want!


Optional Side and Upper Cabinets


Looking to complete your room?  We have side and upper cabinet options in custom sizes that will create the ultimate contemporary living environment, with storage that will meet all your needs.  Call us for more information.




Every Italian Murphy Bed is made exclusively for you in the Province of Como in the Italian region of Lombardy, about 30 kilometers north of Milan and 14 kilometers south of the famous and magnificent Lake Como.  Your horizontal twin wall bunk bed is shipped directly to Zoom-Room’s headquarters in Miami, and then forwarded to you by a nationally recognized shipper.   This takes 10-14 weeks.


Murphy Bunk Beds Installation


All Italian Murphy Beds must be attached to the wall and installed properly to operate safely.  This process generally takes 2-3 hours.


A qualified local handyman can easily handle this work and clients who are so inclined have been known to do it themselves.  This is the least expensive installation option.


Alternatively, Zoom-Room installers can install your horizontal twin wall bunk bed for you.  We have installers in several key cities nation-wide. If no Zoom-Room installer is available locally, costs will include travel expenses.  Please call us at (888) 211-1120 and we will quote a price for your installation.

Murphy Bunk Bed Pricing

Nathan Twin Horizontal Murphy Bunk Beds w/Revolving Back:           $5,225

Angel Twin Horizontal Murphy Bed:                                                           $4,675

Boss Twin Horizontal Murphy Bunk Bed:                                                   $4,345

Ledo Twin Vertical Murphy Bunk Beds:                                                      $4,345

Twin High Density Luxury Foam Mattress:                                                $   550
Twin Luxury Memory Foam Mattress:                                                        $   950

Shipping Unit w/Mattress (to the curb*):                                                    $1,200

*White Glove Delivery into the residence available for an additional charge.  Call (888) 211-1120 for additional information.

Installation Available:  Call for prices.

Call Now: (888) 211-1120

 Warning: Read Before Ordering


  • Never allow a child under 12 years old on upper bunk

  • Upper bunk weight limit 200lbs

  • Use guardrail on upper bunk 

  • Prohibit horseplay on or under beds

  • Prohibit more than one person on upper bunk 

  • Always use ladder for entering and exiting upper bunk



STRANGULATION HAZARD -- Never attach or hang items to any part of the bunk bed that is not designed for use with the bed: for example, but

not limited to, hooks, belts and jump ropes.

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