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Zoom-Room Remote Controlled Murphy Bed Dealers

Kitchen, Bath & Home

6425 Goliad Ave.
Dallas, TX 75214


Attn: Jesse Johns

Tel: (214) 821-5900


By Appointment.

This Dealer has Zoom-Bed on display !

Renowned Renovation

4848 Lemmon Ave #106​
Highland Park, TX 75219


Attn: Grant Woodruff

Tel: (972) 232-7122


By Appointment.

This Dealer has Zoom-Bed on display !

We have nearly 100 Authorized Zoom-Room Delaers in the U.S. and Canada, but there are still some areas that are not covered.  YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL US AT (888) 211-1120 for information about our dealers or how to purchase your Zoom-Room unit.  Not all dealers have show beds on display, and their hours vary.


Note that Zoom-Room Authorized Dealers represent the Zoom-Room electronic, remote controlled Murphy Bed, and not Zoom-Room traditional (manual) Murphy Beds, which must be ordered directly from us at (888) 211-1120.


Zoom-Room Authorized Dealers are independent product representatives and not employees, partners, affiliates or subsidiaries of Zoom-Room.

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