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Zoom-Room Traditional Murphy Beds

Traditional American Murphy Bed Installation:


  • Takes about 1 hour
  • Requires 2 people
  • You can do it yourself!

See the video overview of a National Case Goods Traditional Murphy Bed installation.

Murphy Bed Installation

Installation of our Zoom-Room wall beds by National Case Goods is done by the customer. We provide step-by-step Murphy bed assembly and installation instructions (see PDF below or video above) that are easy to follow, along with our Toll Free number for any questions you or your installer may have. It is not uncommon for our customer to hire a Handyman or Contractor to install their wall bed project for them, but it's so easy, 90% of our customers install the bed themselves. Side Cabinets DO NOT need to be assembled. Side Cabinets are mounted to the side of the wall bed after it is attached to your wall.


Our wall beds come in 2 boxes that contain 6 pieces when they are unpackaged.


  • Face of the wall bed

  • 2 Side Cabinet Verticals

  • Header

  • Headboard

  • Slide on Crown Molding


Tools required:


  • Phillips screwdriver or bit for drill

  • Electric drill

  • 1/8 inch wood or masonry bit (depending on wall type)

  • Stud Finder

  • Ladder


Assembly requires 2 people and an hour of their time.


Don't want to install it yoursef?  Call us at (888) 211-1120.  In many markets we have experienced professional installers who can help out.



Wall Attachment


Our wall beds are wall mounted, which means they attach to the studs in your wall at the top of the bed only. The Bed sits on top of your existing flooring like a normal piece of furniture.


Since the wall bed needs to sit up Flush against your wall, we notch out the back bottom part of the wall bed to fit over your base-molding (as seen below). If you do not have base-molding, please give us a call or email after placing your order. THE NOTCH OUT IS 5 inches HIGH, by 1 inch WIDE.  If your base molding is smaller or larger, please let us know when you make your order wo we can adjust the size of the notch.

Please Note that your wall bed MUST be securely mounted to the studs in your wall, or brick / concrete (your wall type). We are not responsible if you or whomever installs your wall bed, does not attach to your wall properly.




To view the instructions used to assemble our wall beds, click on the PDF download link above.

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