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Zoom-Room Murphy Beds NY Dealers

Liberty Management & Construction

502 Park Avenue  4th Floor

New York,  NY  10022


Attn: Allyn Ehrlich

Tel: (212) 754-2400


By Appointment.

Zoom-Room - Upper West Side

New York,   NY  10023

Tel: (646) 331-6000


By Appointment.

This Dealer has a Zoom-Bed on display!

This Dealer has a Zoom-Bed on display!

R. Design Resources

31 Main Street

Greenwich, NY 12834


Attn: Rulyn Graves

Tel: (518) 791-2151


By Appointment.

Note: R. Design works closely with Trevett Millwork, focussing on furniture made of reclaimed woods.  

The Furniture House

1254 Route 9P

Saratoga Springs, NY  12866


Attn: Mario Di Siena

Tel: (518) 587-9865


Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM

Sat         10AM-5PM

Sun         12PM-5PM

 This Dealer has a Zoom-Room show bed on display!

 This Dealer has a Zoom-Room show bed on display!

The Furniture House

1060 Route 9

Queensbury, NY  12804


Attn: Mario Di Siena

Tel: (518) 587-9865


Mon-Fri    9:30AM-6PM

Sat         10AM-5PM

Sun         10PM-5PM

 This Dealer will have a Zoom-Room show bed on display soon!

Murphy Beds NY

A popular real estate research firm based in New York, says that many New Yorkers living in the city opt for a two bedroom apartment, with the intention of utilizing the additional space as a home-office or guest bedroom.

The problem with this, however, is that not all rooms are going to be large enough to serve both of these functions with traditional furniture. A space-saving Zoom-Room Murphy Bed can help in this situation. Read our blog on NY Murphy Bed Styles to find out more about how New Yorkers are loving Zoom-Beds!

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