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Here are simple steps to design and order custom wall mounted Murphy bed cabinets:
(call us if you get stuck - we've done this before - or consult with one of our Authorized Dealers, your interior designer, architect or cabinetmaker)​

Take the time to measure the space where you want to put your Zoom-Room.  For now, you don't need exact measurements (though you will later!).  How wide is the wall?  How high is the ceiling?

For a Queen Size unit (other sizes are special order - call us for more information), you need a minimum width of 64 inches and a minimum height of 87 inches.  The cabinet must also be at least 24 inches deep.  For more information, see our  Custom Cabinet Specifications.

While you're at it, make sure there's an outlet available to plug in the bed, and that the cabinet will not be obstructing windows, A/C or heating vents, ceiling fans, etc.

Think about what you need and want

We're talking storage and basic elements.  Do you want to hang a flat screen TV in front of the bed, or do you prefer bookshelves?  Maybe art boxes (with or without lighting) will be that perfect place to show off those hand blown glass pieces.

Do you have a tall ceiling and want to incorporate extra storage on top?  What about side cabinets?  The sky's the limit here.  One on each side, one on one side, multiple side cabinets for lots of storage - it depends on what you need - some place for the A/V equipment, long term storage for yourself, short term storage for your guests?  Consider pull out side tables (people love them), drawers for DVD's (or socks), a hanging closet or simply adjustable shelving.  And don't forget space for bedding, towels and your guest's suit case.  If you have the space, here's the chance to create a piece of timeless furniture that will meet your exact needs.

Choose your style

The best part of designing and ordering a custom wall mounted Murphy bed cabinet is you get exactly what you want.   Looking for that built-in look, or do you want your Zoom-Room to be free-standing?  Is the rest of your house traditional, colonial, shaker, mid-century modern, contemporary, futuristic or throw-it-all-together eclectic?  Do you prefer sleek flat surfaces or raised panels and crown molding?  You don't have to figure out the details now, but think about the overall impression you're looking for.  What kind of cabinet will best compliment your home and reflect your personal style?

For some ideas, check out our Gallery.

Think about the material and finish

Together with the size of your cabinet, the material and finish you choose will have the biggest effect on the cost.  There are a variety of options - and you don't have to choose now.  It's a discussion that you want to have with your cabinetmaker (see below) or designer.  And if you have no idea what we're talking about here, give us a call and we'll happily explain it to you.

On the surface, you can generally choose from laminate (a plastic that is glued to the substrate - think Formica - but now they've come out with some absolutely fantastic, and even textured and high gloss finishes), or  veneer (a thin layer of wood that is laid up on the substrate).

Laminate surfaces come in a wide variety of wood grains, solid colors and even patterns.  Veneer come in practically every variety, with the most popular including Alder, Oak, Cherry, Maple and Mahogany.  These  can be stained or painted to get the exact finish you're looking for (unfinished MDF also takes paint nicely).  You can also go for a lacquer surface, though this is painstaking and costly, or distress the wood for an antiqued look.


Think about who you want to fabricate your custom cabinet

There are several ways to purchase your Zoom-Room electronic Murphy Bed and design and fabricate your custom cabinet:

  • Call us at (888) 211-1120.  We'll either handle it all for you or put you in contact with the nearest Authorized Dealer (who can build your custom cabinetry)

  • Call you nearest Authorized Dealer yourself.  Click HERE to find them.

  • Talk with your own cabinetmaker and ask him to fabricate the cabinets.  Contact us ("> or (888) 211-1120) for detailed shop drawings and 100% support during the process.  We will review whatever drawings you may have of your custom cabinet to make sure everything will come out fine when it comes time to install.

  • Talk with your Architect or Interior Designer and ask them to give us a call.  They can decide to use their own cabinetmaker, or ask us who will be best to do the job. 



Interested and have an idea of how you want to configure your Custom Cabinet?  Next, go to:
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