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Tiny Homes, Home Offices, Second Homes, Downsizing Baby Boomers, Aging in Place and other tales of 21st Century Living

Why do people choose to live in smaller spaces?  There are many reasons: Empty Nesters looking to simplify their lifestyles, Millenials concerned about their carbon footprint, Baby Boomers who want to stay in their homes but want less to manage and reverse migrating Suburbanites choosing to return to Urban Centers.


Whatever the reason, technology now offers advanced small space design solutions.  Now, downsizing can mean living better, not smaller.  Zoom-Room offers a variety of elegant small space design solutions not found anywhere else.  Here's where they might come in handy:

Design Solutions for Second Homes

Whether you're in the prime of life enjoying that ski home, lake house, beach home or some other escape from your busy urban life, or a baby boomer living part time in an ocean front condo while winding down towards retirement, a second home is a blessing - the perfect place to relax, enjoy family and friends, pursue your interests, and live life to the fullest.

For most, a second residence is smaller than where you live most of the time.  Smaller spaces mean less organizing, cleaning and maintenance, and more time to enjoy.  Simplicity, though, has its own challenges, as everyone needs enough sleeping space for the kids, grand kids, old friends and whomever is stopping by your little piece of paradise.  Come the holidays, beds are at a premium.

We at Zoom-Room offer a variety of solutions to this dilemma.  You don't need tons of space to fit all your loved ones, and you don't need space-eating beds to clutter your second home.  What's more, our Murphy Bed solutions fit perfectly into your lifestyle, doubling as sofas, desks, TV cabinets and shelving units that fit seamlessly into your living room, den, home office or exercise room.

Zoom-Room Gif 1 (1).gif

Queen American Modern Zoom-Bed Media Cabinet in Alder veneer - Living Room - Miami, FL Condo

Zoom-Room is known for Murphy Beds and smarter home furnishings you can't find anywhere else.  Our original, and still most popular product is the electronic, remote controlled Zoom-Bed, and with good reason.  Unlike most Murphy Bed solutions, you can put a flat screen TV or bookshelves in front (that's because it does not pull down, snaking up into the cabinet like a reverse garage door), and it therefore simply looks like an elegant cabinet, fitting any decor.  Because we customize all of our wall bed and home office cabinets, you get exactly what you are looking for in terms of storage and style.  The bed above, for example, features two side cabinets specifically designed to show off our client's excellent collection of Native American pottery.

Many folks prefer a more contemporary style - especially for their beach condos.  Here are two examples of our City Line Plus cabinetry.  They both feature high-end European laminates, and, a specialty of ours, glass inserts.  One is located in the client's living room (like the one above), the other is in their home office.  Run of the mill guest beds, they are not!

South Beach Zoom-Room Murphy Bed 2019 04
Zoom-Bed with high-gloss Luxe laminate cabinets and blue glass inserts - Living Room, South Beach, FL
Miami Beach Zoom-Room Murphy Bed.gif

Zoom-Bed with textured Egger laminate cabinets and green glass inserts - Home Office, Miami Beach, FL

But it's not all about the beach!  More than a few Baby Boomers decide to have a pied-a-terre in the City, a place to enjoy the cultural delights (and great restaurants) urban centers have to offer, while still keeping a primary residence in the suburbs or other states.  With more traditional tastes, the clients for whom we fabricated the bed below, chose a custom Shaker cabinet with center bookshelves  

Shaker Alabaster Boston Zoom-Bed Closed
Shaker Alabaster Boston Zoom-Bed Open 1.

Zoom-Bed with Shaker paneled cabinets with Alabaster paint - Living Room, Boston, MA

And here's one that's more traditional, located in the magnificent Plaza Hotel Residences in New York City.

Plaza Hotel NYC Zoom-Bed Closed.jpg
Plaza Hotel NYC Zoom-Bed Open.jpg

Zoom-Room Murphy Bed with traditional paneled cabinets - Plaza Hotel Residences - New York

Perfect for urban life, we also offer our elegant line of extra slim Italian Murphy Beds.  A favorite is the Sofa Murphy Bed with Chaise Lounge.  It features an upper shelf above the Murphy Bed section of the sofa, as well as a full set of shelving above the chaise.  Note that extra wide arms are available for linen storage, especially convenient in a smaller urban hide-away.

Dile Evoluation Queen Murphy Sofa Bed Cl
Dile Evolution Murphy Bed Open.jpg

Italian Sofa Murphy Bed with Chaise Lounge

And of course we can't forget those who have a lake house or ski lodge.  As many of our clients have noted, there are NEVER enough beds, come the holidays, to fit all the kids, grandkids, relatives and good friends.  To fit the environs, a more rustic solution is usually in order.  But why waste the space with just a guest bed.  Our friends and Zoom-Bed dealers in upstate New York near Saratoga, R. Design Resources, who by the way do amazing things with repurposed woods (barn wood and the like), came up with this ingenuous Zoom-Desk Bed, that offers both a fold down secretary desk typical of our Zoom-Room Murphy Bed Desk design AND a standing desk to keep their client's back in good shape!  A truly custom solution for a home office that doubles as a guest room when needed.

R Design Rustic Wood ZD Full Room Desk O
R Design Rustic 2 Desks Bed Open.jpg

Unique Zoom-Desk and Standing Desk Home Office made from repurposed wood - Upstate Home Office

And to continue with the rustic theme, perfect for any country residence, we also work with one of the finest Amish hand craftsmen in the United States, Fredericksberg Furniture.  They create magnificent Zoom-Bed solutions, as well as traditional Murphy Beds that will be passed down for generations as all fine heirloom furniture should.  Here you see their "Library Barn Door Murphy Bed", that features the traditional pull down mechanism, with open shelves on the side and sliding barn doors to hide them when the bed is open, and hide the bed the rest to the time. 

Amish Barn Door Murphy Bed.jpg

Designing and decorating a vacation home can have its challenges, but Zoom-Room is here with small space design solutions that let you make ample room for all your loved ones (even during the holidays!) while increasing your storage space, all in meeting your exact needs, and perhaps more importantly, reflecting your individual style and decor.  Give us a a call at (888) 211-1120 or click the "Free Design Consultation" button below.  We'll be happy to discuss your project and come up with the perfect solution for you and your family.

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