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The Zoom-Bed looks really good.  But do they sleep good?

The stylishly crafted cabinetry, the premium foam mattress, the fact that it is a unique electronic, retractable wall bed, combined with a sleek, attractive finish, (providing a great solution for small spaces) quite often solicits these questions from our customers – “How comfortable are Zoom-Room Murphy beds? Do you sleep well?”

Unlike regular wall beds with box springs or other metal pieces below you when you sleep, the Zoom-Bed has a series of beechwood slats instead, situated at key pressure points. These slats are adjustable to make the bed softer or firmer, for an ultimate night’s rest.

The mattress itself is made of high density foam that evenly supports your body as you sleep. These high quality mattresses do not lump or sag, and never

eeds to be turned – quite a step ahead of regular murphy beds.

But as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Contact Zoom-Room or your local qualified dealer to experience a Zoom-Bed for yourself.

Contact Zoom Room

2121 N. Bayshore Drive

Miami, FL  33137

By Appointment Only


Telephone:   (305) 677-9148

Toll Free:      (888) 211-1120

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