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Pandora's Box in Barcelona

A bit like Pandora's box, but with only good things inside, this incredible 250 square-foot studio in Barcelona can transform itself into a many room apartment - at least sequentially - within minutes. Built in, convertible furniture, together with thoughtful organization and multipurpose usage of space is the key. The result? A milestone in smart small space design resonating with nautical flair and the spirit of Zen.

What is first a living room transforms into a bedroom or dining area, utilizing fold-up and flip-down furniture, nooks, cupboards, and chests to utilize every last square inch of storage space.

The roll-out bed (shades of Zoom-Room, though this one is manual) slides out from under the exterior deck (yes, the deck), doubles as a bench or couch, and then serves as a staircase to the outdoors! Now that's a convertible bed.

Everything is tucked into the walls (including sinks, dishwasher, and pantry), and out of the way unless needed. The toilet and bath are appropriately minimalist, serving required functions without taking up too much precious space.

In fact, when everything is closed, virtually everything is hidden from sight, making this tiny apartment feel almost cavernous.

We saw it first on Dornob. If you haven't yet, watch the video above - it's ingenious and charming.

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