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Zoom-Bed for this week is our first-ever retrofit project

Our feature Zoom-Bed for this week is our first-ever retrofit small space project.

So, to start off, here at Zoom-Room, we don’t like to retrofit. The elegant design of the Zoom-Bed electronic Murphy Bed mechanism and mattress requires cabinets with exact dimensions. It’s difficult to take existing cabinetry, not built with our unique bed system in mind, and make it work.

This residence in Ft. Lauderdale is an exception. This beautiful home office had stunning original cabinetry that fit exactly – well, almost exactly – the required cabinet dimensions. With a bit of “behind the scenes” filler here, and a discrete cut there, together with diligently matching the wood and finish of our new headboard, footboard and desk components, we were able to transform the office into a convertible guest room – without affecting the carefully crafted décor and style of the room.

And since we put in a Zoom-Desk, the room is still a comfortable home office for the couple who live there.

Hats off to our lead installer Luke, whose steady hand and artistic eye pulled off this harder-than-it-looks feat of inspired design.


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