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Dealer of the week! Rulyn Design Resources : New York

One of the great things about the Zoom-Bed is the ability to create truly stunning cabinetry for your home while fulfilling your practical needs to accommodate guests and optimize precious space.

A truly unique example of this can be seen below. Our Greenwich, NY (near Saratoga) based dealer, Rulyn Design Resources recently installed a Queen Size Zoom-Bed in Chelsea (Manhattan) for a client in love with the current trend for reusing rustic woods. This one is antique Chestnut discovered in an old barn! Note the matching side cabinet, which, among other things, houses a small bar – perfect for holiday entertaining!

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2121 N. Bayshore Drive

Miami, FL  33137

By Appointment Only


Telephone:   (305) 677-9148

Toll Free:      (888) 211-1120

 Fax:              (305) 677-9278



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