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Italian Murphy Beds from Zoom-Room

Zoom-Room is proud and excited to introduce our new line of Elegant Electric Italian Rotating Murphy Beds. These contemporary sleep solutions include the Rotating Murphy Bed, with shelves, cabinets or even a fold down table on one side, with a bed on the other, luxurious Sofa Murphy Beds, Murphy Bed Desks, Murphy Bunk Beds, and regular Murphy Beds. All come with exceptionally slim profiles and advanced engineering that enhance any room with an easy to operate sleep solution. Made in Northern Italy, Zoom-Room is offering these remarkable products at 30%-40% below other top tier competitors. We do it by foregoing expensive showrooms and offering them directly to our clients. Free design services are included. For more information about our horizontal Murphy beds made in Italy or our other Murphy Bed options, call us at (888) 211-1120 or check out now.

Rotating Italian Murphy Bed Closed

Rotating Italian Murphy Bed Open

Italian Sofa Murphy Bed Closed

Italian Murphy Bunk Beds Closed

Italian Murphy Bunk Beds Open

Italian Murphy Bed with Fold Down Table Closed

Italian Murphy Bed Down

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