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Stunning New Showroom Murphy Bed

We're really very proud about our newest electronic, remote controlled Zoom-Bed recently installed in our stunning new Murphy bed showroom in Miami.. We used a beautiful high-gloss lacquer material that we've been sourcing from Spain called Luxe. We think the effect is both elegant and unique. Note the high-end lighting that we've also been featuring - multi-color programmable (and, of course, dimmable) LED's that lets you change the entire mood of your room from your smartphone.

Give us a call to come see this new version of our favorite Wall Bed or email us at (and you can always check out for more information).

Contact Zoom Room

2121 N. Bayshore Drive

Miami, FL  33137

By Appointment Only


Telephone:   (305) 677-9148

Toll Free:      (888) 211-1120

 Fax:              (305) 677-9278



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