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3 Tips for Decorating Your Colorado Home

Every year, new residents flock to Colorado to take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle, cost of living and of course the rocky mountains. Colorado is such a desirable place to live that the U.S News and World Report recently ranked Colorado Springs and Denver as the second and third best places to live in the US. 

Colorado ski homes are no longer solely viewed as coveted mountain residences, but as a design aesthetic in their own right. Ski chalet interiors have a unique and beautiful look.

Whether you have a lodge-style home ripe for redecorating, or are gathering cabin bedroom ideas to reuse far from the slopes, here are the chalet design stepping stones to touch along the way.

1) Entertain in Style

Increasingly, people are placing even more focus on entertaining inside their home (with what we hope is only a short pause due to the COVID pandemic). When it comes to the ultimate Colorado home, consider investing in some quality entertainment furniture to create a welcoming environment for family and friends when they come to stay. 

The first step is to choose a piece of furniture that will put the television in the spotlight so you have a central place to cosy up and stream films or your favorite Netflix series. This furniture can also have plenty of cabinets and drawers for  much-needed storage for ski attire and equipment (not to mention that extra liquor cabinet!), whilst maintaining a design aesthetic that complements the home's existing decor. 

You can entertain in style with our extensive range of Zoom-Room custom cabinetry, which can be specifically designed to harmonize with the existing architecture of your home. To create a modern rustic theme, perfect for any country residence, our American Modern cabinetry, with a variety of rubbed, glazed and antiqued finishes,  is an iconic example of “rustic elegance”, to create a beautiful alpine aesthetic in your Colorado home. We have a knack for creating furniture to be passed down for generations as all fine heirloom furniture should. 

2) Create a Homey Interior

Creating a home-away-from-home vibe when you purchase a second property is always the goal to ensure you and your guests have a comfortable stay. Making sure your house has  inviting interiors - in addition to all the conveniences of home - means you will enjoy that property you’ve invested in all that much more.. 

You could start with the colour schemes, incorporating textures and furnishings that are inherently wintery to create warmth in your home. If adopting the “bring the outdoors in” style, the tone of your timber is important - dark and charred, golden and honeyed or even pale and blonde are great colours to generate warming hues in your Colorado home. 

Invest in large, cosy sofas too,, complementing your “cosy” wood-centered colour scheme. Layer these furnishings fur throws and cushions, both of which dress up chalet spaces and provide a cosy environment that will complement the cooler climates of the Colorado rocky  mountains. 

3) A convenient space….

Making sure each room offers optimal functionality for your lifestyle is also important for creating the perfect ‘home-away-from-home’ interior style as well.

We’ve already talked about entertaining. Even though we’re likely taking about a second vacation home, you will likely want to also be sure there’s a space set aside to allow you to focus on work - either the kind your paid for or just for paying your bills and researching projects on the internet. Create your own custom home-office in your ski home, but unlike your typical corporate digs (located in a skyscraper with views of a city loop),your mountain office can boast vistas of snow-capped peaks and quaking Aspen trees.

Being able to work from your ski home isn’t only convenient, it can be just as productive - sometimes more so - than your usual commute. In these crazy time, home offices are increasingly standard, even in space-challenged ski condos.

When space is at a premium - particularly if your extended family comes to stay - a Zoom-Bed home-office is also a fantastic way of creating a private room to work without sacrificing those always-needed beds.

Because you’re at home, and not in a sterile corporate environment, Zoom-Room believes residential workspaces should be in synch with the soothing design of the rest of the house. To make that happen, less attractive support components are best placed out of sight. Towards the back of the Zoom-Room murphy bed desks, there's room for a 22" monitor, your keyboard and mouse, plus small shelves to organize all of your office needs. We even provide a power strip, USB ports and cellphone/tablet stand. Fold your Murphy Desk back up and it all disappears!

You can even select from an extensive range of home-office cabinets that integrate all the comfort and character of the rest of the home. Our professional furniture makers have introduced everything from decorative wood furnishings to sleek modular desks in bright laminates - for those who prefer a contemporary design. With the same style options available for furnishings, finishes and accessories in the rest of the house increasingly finding their way into home office design, we believe your focus on work should not supersede your personal style.

Pick Zoom-Room For Your Colorado Style Home

Designing and decorating a vacation home can have its challenges, but Zoom-Room is here with small space design solutions that let you make ample room for all your loved ones (even during the holidays!) while increasing your storage space. Each furniture design is custom made to meet your exact needs, and perhaps more importantly, reflects your individual style and decor. Give us a call at (888) 211-1120 or click the "Free Design Consultation" button below. We'll be happy to discuss your project and come up with the perfect solution for you and your family.


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