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4 Interesting Uses for A Space Saving Murphy Bed

There are many reasons why installing a Murphy Bed is a great space saving solution. Murphy Beds are practical, ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and can transform you home to meet your need for more beds without taking up additional space.

Whether to uncramp your second home, need to accommodate aging parents or are looking to downsize from your existing property, Murphy Beds can provide you with a stylish and space-efficient resolution. This article looks at some of the interesting uses our customers have found for our space saving Murphy Beds.

1) Ski Homes, Lake Houses and Beach Houses (Second Homes)

With over 7.4 million people in the US owning a second home, accounting for 5.6% of the total housing stock, it seems that many Americans are increasingly investing in properties where they can go and spend time away with family and friends. For example, ski houses in the Western United States continue to see steady investment, with the powdery trails and miles of terrain attracting buyers year-over-year. Alternatively, condominiums overlooking the ocean are what many Americans want - looking for some sunshine away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life.

For most, however, a second home is smaller than your permanent residence. Smaller spaces mean less organizing, cleaning and maintenance, and more time to enjoy. Consequently, this reduced space may come with its own challenges, as it may be difficult to accommodate the kids, grand kids, old friends or whomever you want with you to share your vacation home.

As such, it is important to structure your vacation home to maximize space and reduce clutter. Murphy beds can provide a solution to this dilemma, as this smart, compact furniture does not require excess floor space like most furniture. What’s more, Contemporary Murphy Bed solutions can fit perfectly into your lifestyle, doubling as sofas, desks, TV cabinets and shelving units that fit seamlessly into your living room, den, home office or exercise room.

2) Spare Room for Elderly Parents

Our parents get older, and if you are not thinking about how to care for your elderly parents now, you likely will be at some point. Unfortunately, finding the right option for your loved ones is not easy. There are nursing homes, assisted living, independent living, staying at home with a hired aide, or moving in with a relative. All have their benefits and challenges. Although they may want to stay in their home, your folks may not be able to live alone safely. And while assisted living homes may provide the level of care they need, the quality of facilities vary and you may struggle with the thought of them living in a strange place. So that brings us to the third option... moving them in with you.

In addition to the emotional issues this decision brings, there are more practical challenges that have to be considered - such as how to create space for your elderly parent without radically transforming the floor plan or organization of your home. It can be hard to provide a certain level of privacy and autonomy without moving walls! Here’s where smart space saving solutions, and specifically Murphy Beds, may help.

Incorporating a Murphy Bed in your guest room to play host to your elderly parents has a number of benefits. For their own private adobe, a Murphy Bed offers a room that, by day, has much more space without a big bed in the middle of it. With today’s modern Murphy Beds, your parent’s room can double up with a comfortable bed at night, yet a sofa by day - or maybe even a desk. Some, like the unique Zoom Room Murphy Bed, allow you to integrate a flat screen TV right onto the bed unit. With additional custom cabinetry, all sorts of storage and display solutions add to your folks’ quality of life, making their new space their own in a way that suits their needs. The Zoom-Bed has another benefit for the elderly - it’s electronic and remote controlled - just push a bottom and it floats into the room so there’s no need to worry about manually lifting the bed onto the floor or back up into its cabinet.

3) Millennials Moving to the City

Have you recently left home and traded your folks’ place in the suburbs for a small apartment in the inner city?

As City living tends to be synonymous with small spaces, your apartment may now feel smaller than a walk-in closet. You may have paired down to your beloved essentials, but your place may still feel like a dorm instead of a respectable adult apartment.

There are, in fact, plenty of ways that you can transform the square footage you have into the functional and comfortable abode you deserve. By utilizing multifunctional and compact furniture, you can optimize every square inch of your apartment. Indeed, Murphy beds are a useful addition in rooms that serve dual purposes — a guest room that doubles as an art studio or a studio apartment that requires a home office, for example. One of the things that sets Zoom-Room Murphy Beds apart is how well they compliment your furniture with without sacrificing your existing stylish interior.

For those working in the City and needing home office spaces, your desk and your bed can be interchangeable with a Zoom Room Murphy Bed Desk. This unique product allows you to work in space without clutter and easily hide your desk away to reveal your bed once your working day is done.

4) Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Are you an empty nester looking to downsize to a smaller home?

If so, It can be difficult to get past the fact that your children are no longer filing a home that is now larger than what you currently need. But downsizing a home where you’ve spent most of a lifetime accumulating possessions - and trying to fit all, or even a subset of that stuff into a smaller space can be a daunting task that requires meticulous planning.

Installing a Murphy Bed can give you some extra space - and a chance to add well designed storage - for a guest room or home office, ensuring you’ll have a place for visiting kids, family and friends without creating clutter in your new home. Our practical Murphy Beds contain side and upper cabinet options that create well-designed living environments, with storage that will meet all your needs. The high level of customization that we can provide creates a built in room that nicely complements your home’s decor, whether the bed is open or closed.

Additionally, Murphy Beds are an excellent choice if you’re ready to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, letting go of all that stuff that ties us down. Less clutter leads to less visual stress and a calmer, more appealing environment. A multifunctional Murphy bed delivers on this principle by simply disappearing when not in use. It encourages productivity by reclaiming spaces that are traditionally devoted to “just a bed” or “just an office”. With Zoom-Rooms custom designs, we can help eliminate the clutter and create clean open spaces that are a joy to live in.

If you are looking for a smart, space saving-solution, call Zoom Room Beds today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help create a design solution to suit the lifestyle you’re looking for.


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