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6 Design Solutions for Entertaining in a Smaller Home

Have your children flown the nest and the house you shared with them feels too large? Are you considering downsizing, but like to entertain friends and family and worry a smaller home will stop you from doing that?

Downsizing may be a daunting idea, especially when you think about reduced storage space and fitting your belongings into a smaller space, but it doesn’t have to be! Deciding which items of furniture you can take to your new place, whether they will fit, and whether you will have enough storage space without them is an important decision. Picture this - a room where you can work, relax, entertain and have a comfortable space for your guests to stay without sacrificing interior style, space and storage. Can you do all of that in a smaller home? Yes, you can! Read on to discover how Zoom Room can help you create the lifestyle that you are looking for.

The Guest Room

Entertaining your family and friends and having a comfortable place for them to stay can easily be achieved. Truly maximize your space with a Zoom Room Murphy Bed, housed within stylish cabinetry, custom to your preferences. Side the bed out at the touch of a button, or choose a fold down option - designed to suit your space. European styling, the bed lies flat to the wall for a compact aesthetic product, with a simple, low profile.


With custom cabinetry you can safely mount your flatscreen, with the wiring hidden away, so whether it’s movie night with the grandkids or watching the big game, your TV and sound bar can be incorporated into your living space and housed in your Zoom Bed cabinet, reducing the need for a separate TV stand and saving more floor space.

Desks and Tables

Having guests for dinner is possible without a dining table taking up precious space in your new home. Opting for furniture that folds away against a wall or a cabinet is a game changer, or as part of your custom cabinetry that also houses your Zoom Bed. What about working from home, or having space to work on a hobby or craft? Folding desks can also be incorporated into your Murphy Bed cabinets, providing you with ample space to work and plenty of storage, all in one place.


Sofas are an essential part of an area for entertaining family and guests, but do take up much needed floor space. Can you fit one into the same room as a bed and a table in your smaller home? You can, with a Sofa Murphy Bed - sleek and stylish Italian design combined with great features such as under sofa storage, optional storage arms, cushions and a variety of fabrics and finishes. Without impacting the aesthetic appeal of your living room you can gain extra storage capacity and combine the two biggest pieces of furniture into one!

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall

Your new home may be smaller, but by avoiding the use of wasteful oversized furniture you can maximize the space available with cabinets that reach from the floor to the ceiling across a room, wall to wall. Smart space saving solutions like our City Line and City Line Plus Collections are perfect for this. By using one wall to house a bed, TV, desk or table and ample storage to keep your space tidy and stylish, you will be surprised at how much floor space you will save in your new home.

Custom cabinetry

Each Zoom Bed must be housed in its own bespoke cabinet built to our exact specifications. However, the possibilities for your space are endless - you can add wardrobes, bookshelves, art boxes, lighting, roll out side tables, and much more. For a workspace complete with a bed we can customize your cabinetry to create the perfect home office, including space to integrate your electronics, with the option to place a TV in up to 65” (or more with modifications). You can choose from many laminate and wood options too ensuring that your new Zoom Bed cabinetry is bespoke and one of a kind to your new home. Browse our custom cabinetry options here.

Downsizing does not need to be a stressful process, with forward planning, positivity and confidence we can help you design a smart, space saving solution for your new home where you can entertain your friends and family in a stylish bespoke space. Call Zoom Room Beds today on (888) 211-1120 for your free design consultation and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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