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Activities You Can Do From Your Murphy Bed

Multi-functional literally translates to “having or fulfilling several functions”.

For those individuals searching for a multi-use product, they are looking for one singular piece of equipment to serve a multitude of purposes that meet both the demands of their interior space as well as their lifestyle needs. Cost-effective, convenient and practical; all important adjectives that denote the long term benefits of multi-functional products.

To enlighten you with the flexibility of installing a Murphy bed within your home, we have devised a list of activities you can do from the comfort of your own Murphy Bed.

Watch TV and chill in the comfort of your own bedroom

Nothing quite encapsulates relaxation like cosying up in the comfort of your own bedroom to binge watch a series or programme. Finding ways to entertain oneself whilst remaining indoors may feel like an arduous task in recent months, which is why TV has been a key source of entertainment and companionship for many. Although, whilst technological developments in recent years have encouraged households to incorporate more than one TV in their home, the bedroom may not necessarily be a viable place for many, particularly when space is at a premium.

Housed in an elegant cabinet, the Zoom-Bed allows you to utilize the space in front for a flat screen TV in your bedroom. Space is no longer an issue, as murphy bed products provide flexibility when in the comfort of your bedroom, providing a bed in the evening time, as well as an entertainment hub that holds a large screen television during the day time. This is a particularly fruitful asset for those individuals who may live in apartments and may require their own private quarters every once in a while to watch a programme and have some much-needed alone time.

Work out

Our bodies are designed and have evolved to be regularly active. Although, compulsion to stay at home in recent months has posed a challenge to the continuity of physical fitness.

Consequently, there has been a boom in digital fitness in recent months, with individuals all over the world turning to various apps or tv programmes to receive that much needed physical exertion. Whether it’s completing various online workouts in their living room, their kitchen or outside areas, people have conquered every crevice of their home to benefit their physical and psychological well being. Cost-effective, convenient yet still effective, these workouts may even become the preferred method amongst many despite gyms re-opening.

With this in mind, multi-functioning spaces facilitate such a preference. Horizontal space is not a conflicting factor with any Murphy Bed product that can seamlessly slot away when the floor is needed for additional activities.

Home gyms and Murphy beds perfectly complement each other. Mirrors and storage can easily be incorporated in the Murphy bed so it can serve a dual purpose and saves you extra space and money. The functionality is simple enough; when you get out of bed in the morning, you can simply rotate the bed upwards or press the button so it transitions into a cabinet providing ample square footage for you to get straight into your morning workout.

Instead of having fitness equipment strewn throughout the house, try to set aside one room that is dedicated to your home gym. A Murphy bed system makes it easy for your own bedroom, or even your guest room to share space with your gym. The pull down mattress is available when you have overnight guests. But the majority of the time, a Murphy bed system will help keep all your fitness equipment organized.

Complete work

Work from home solutions is obviously easily achievable with multi-functioning furniture, so much so that you can do it from the comfort of your own bed (literally).

We’ve spoken extensively about the need for a dedicated space to work remotely, particularly as this is something many of us will be doing for quite some time or for years to come. In either case, it’s important to set up a home office that works well for you in terms in ergonomics, sufficient space, storage and a place for your computer, audio and visual equipment.

This multifunctioning activity is not a luxury that every individual is blessed with, as many makeshift workspaces have been integrated within various lounge, dining room and / or kitchen areas. Murphy Beds are thus a multi-functioning life saver for more permanent and comfortable working from home solutions. Whether installed within your own living quarters or a spare guest room, working activities can be better maintained and managed when you have a working place to call your own. And the fact you have fluidity in terms of what the space can be utilized for makes it even more gratifying.

Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the home in your own dedicated private quarters to complete work is one of the more influential activities you can achieve with your very own Murphy bed. With the option of self-contained, customizable storage options to house various documents and files you shall require to make it even more beneficial for the home.

Murphy Beds - More Than Just a Bed!

There are an abundance of indoor activities you can achieve from the comfort of your own BED thanks to multi-functioning murphy bed products. This can be done with minimum effort and ultimate convenience, helping make your time indoors that bit more manageable.

Here at Zoom-Room, we specialise in making small spaces truly functional while pursuing a useful and modern interior design concept. Multi-purpose furniture can be an excellent solution to overcome this challenge, as it can be constantly adapted to your needs and therefore put to appropriate use. These smart products are easy to deploy and the concept quick to implement. Rooms can be optimized for a variety of purposes without compromising on space. Combining the innovative room concept with multifunctional furniture allows you to achieve maximum flexibility within your four walls.

Call today to find out how we can help make your home an activity-central hub for yourself or family...


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