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Autumnal Materials for Your Murphy Bed

With autumn on its way, you want to incorporate a combination of colors to enhance your space and truly enjoy the room in all its glory.

Each perfectly designed Murphy bed comes with the option to be completely customizable with a variety of different finishes. For laminates that look like real wood then look no further than our unique Zoom-Bed and Murphy Bed designs.

Our bespoke laminate designs

Each perfectly designed Murphy Bed or Zoom bed can have a variety of cabinet finishes.

You could choose your Murphy bed to come with:

  1. Grey Tones (Wood Grain)

  2. Grey Tones (No Grain)

  3. White and Beige Tones

  4. Brown Tones (Wood Grain)

As autumn approaches, the darker styled woods may be more suited to a true American-styled Murphy bed.

Chocolate Pearwood

Starting with the Chocolate Pearwood laminate, this has beautifully incorporated real wood grains to give it a very authentic feel. The brighter browns running through the laminate help to highlight the wood-like texture and provide you with a stunning composition.

Natural Dijon Walnut

Following this, the brown wood grain laminate in the shade ‘Natural Dijon Walnut’ is considerably lighter compared to the ‘Chocolate Pearwood’. Natural Dijon Walnut works perfectly with creams and neutral colours to really bring out the wooden texture within this laminate

Tobacco Pacific Walnut

For a combination of the darker Chocolate Pearwood and the lighter Dijon Walnut, then Tobacco Pacific Walnut is the colour for you. This has the much lighter walnut grains running through, while the deeper chocolate is used as the main feature.

Floral Mahogany

Floral Mahogany has slightly more gingery tones with a rich depth to it. This is a much warmer color that has deep chocolate grains with a fiery redness to bring out its darker shades.

If that’s not enough to entice you, then shop our pre-holiday sale for 10% off Queen size zoom bed mattresses and mechanisms.

Zoom-Room Murphy Beds for you

Zoom-Room’s autumnal shades are such a beautiful way to enhance your room. Not only are Murphy Beds a fantastic space-saving solution, but they also create a stylish and comfortable feature within your room.

Contact us today and see how we can help you!


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