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Check out the new Show Room Murphy Bed on Maui

One of our newest dealers, The Maui Closet Company, just installed their new Twin Size Zoom-Room remote controlled, retractable Murphy Bed in their showroom in Kakului. This wall bed unit is fabricated from high-end textured European laminates. Even though it's a twin size bed, there's still space to mount a flat screen TV in front, and it's nice to have the bookshelves on the side. If you're on Maui or elsewhere in Hawaii and are looking for the most sophisticated Murphy Beds available, contact Dennis at Maui Closet Company at (808) 871-7996!


Contact Zoom Room

2121 N. Bayshore Drive

Miami, FL  33137

By Appointment Only


Telephone:   (305) 677-9148

Toll Free:      (888) 211-1120

 Fax:              (305) 677-9278



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