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City Line Zoom-Desk for your New York City Apartment

Murphy Beds: The Space Saving Solution For Your New York Apartment

Murphy beds have a reputation for being a smart choice where space is limited.

When customers make the decision to get a Murphy bed, one of the more pressing concerns is available square footage. This is particularly true for those living in apartments, where space-efficiency is fundamental to an organised and functional lifestyle.

BrickUnderground, a popular real estate research firm based in New York, says that many New Yorkers living in the city opt for a two bedroom apartment, with the intention of utilizing the additional space as a home-office or guest bedroom. The problem with this, however, is that not all rooms are going to be large enough to serve both of these functions with traditional furniture. A space-saving Zoom-Room Murphy Bed can help in this situation.

Our free design consultation process is fundamental to creating beautiful and functional piece furniture for any space. Before even beginning a project, we consider your personal needs and requirements and explore the opportunities for creating a product that can seamlessly slot into your existing lifestyle. Even if you have a vision for your interior, curating the furniture, colors and décor to accomplish your desired looks can be an arduous process. Our professional furniture makers will work closely with you to discover anything from the specific style of furniture (remote controlled or retractable), to the finest selections of laminate and textiles.

This was the case for one of our customers living in New York City. She resided in a duplex apartment in a mid-rise 12 year old condominium in Harlem. Working from home, she was in need of better office space. In addition to needing a comfortable and practical home office, she also had very specific storage requirements to accommodate the business - specifically extensive drawers and cubbies to hold printed materials and various print projects in progress.

The goal was to utilize the space in the living room, while enhancing, not detracting from, the space where she relaxes and entertains. And, of course, she needed a sleep solution for occasional guests. As such, the furniture needed to fold up and disappear every night when they sat around the living room to watch TV and especially when entertaining guests.

The design process was key; how to accommodate the need for a comfortable desk that was used every day, whilst simultaneously ensuring that it could fit the required storage in the existing space. We also needed to ensure that the Zoom-Desk would fit the existing decor and create a comfortable environment in the room that was the centre of their lives.

How our process transformed their home…

Over the years, Murphy beds have evolved into a stylish, multi-functional piece of furniture that easily blends into one’s existing décor. From contemporary shallow profiles, to remote controlled Murphy beds, the evolution of today’s Wall Beds has trended toward chic, small-space living must-haves!

At Zoom-Room, we offer a wide variety of customizable styles to accommodate all your storage needs and enhance your decor. Each product marries quality craftsmanship and design to produce a beautiful and uncluttered aesthetic in your home. Whether your furniture is catering to a more ‘traditional’ interior or a ‘contemporary’ style, our quality furniture professionals can create a product that seamlessly fits into the decor of your room.

In this case, the clients were immediately drawn to the City Line Plus laminates; a design option which exudes ultra chic urban flair. They are high-end textured European laminates made in Austria - contemporary, very stylish and easy to clean and maintain. They chose a cream colored finish with grain called “Fine Line Cream”, which is light and airy but warmer than white, ultimately achieving their desired clean and minimalist interior look.

The Zoom-Desk worked perfectly, as it amply accommodated her 22” iMac and offered convenient cubbies - needed for the printed materials used in her business - and convenient power strips with both regular and USB ports.

On each side of the desk, we installed file drawers and pull-out side tables. The pull-outs are particularly useful, as they can be used to support a bed light, glass of water for guests when they’re in the bed, or their phone or wallet. It is also convenient for the client when working, as the additional storage work surface can act as a temporary desk for the odd document that needs to be referenced.

Much of the design process was dedicated to determining the exact size of the other drawers and cubbies to meet her specific needs. In addition, we put a lot of effort into creating pleasing and balanced geometric lines from the reveals created by the doors and drawers (remember, this was their living room, and style was important!). Since they wanted the unit to go to the ceiling, this afforded yet additional storage space while giving the entire unit a smooth built-in look.

And since they wanted to be sure their overnight guests were comfortable, the clients also opted for our upgraded mattress with an integrated memory foam topper.

The Space-Saving Solution...

The end result was a stylish Zoom-Desk that greatly enhanced the space’s functionality and overall livability.

With this product, our clients gained an office that met their daily work needs, as well as an enhanced contemporary living room with the hidden Zoom-Desk at its centre. It also became a perfect place to gather with friends and watch TV in the evenings and, when needed, it flawlessly transitioned into a comfortable spare room for visiting guests. Instead of having an extra room, it now feels like she has three, all without sacrificing on essential floor space.

If you’re looking for a design solution that will transform your home into a practical and beautiful space, call our team for a free design consultation today.


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