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Compact, Clever and Convertible Furniture

Innovative and contemporary in design, convertible furniture is gaining prominence...

Indeed, the Global Real Estate Market has seen a variety of trends. From DIYs to contrasting finish décor, the list is quite comprehensive. However, one trend that has been gaining increasing popularity is convertible furniture. With our lifestyles constantly changing at a rapid pace, we are seeing an increase in demand to keep up with current trends. Convertible furniture adheres to the trend of adding a little bit of sophistication to our living spaces, while also being incredibly functional in terms of space.

From stylish sofas that transition into a cosy bed, to compact home office areas that can be packed away in a matter of seconds, the increasing interest in space-saving furniture solutions have reached a new peak. You need only look inside the interiors of many contemporary homes to see the adoption by designers to incorporate cool pieces into their concept - regardless of space availability. Here’s how...

  1. A convertible bed to style a cramped or even expansive space

Convertible furniture lends itself nicely to those smaller spaces.

Convertible furniture can be more space efficient than choosing individual furniture. They help cut down the time and efforts spent on finding individual pieces and instead deliver all the benefits in a single slot, maximizing the vertical space in your selected room.

Although, even those homes with plentiful space have welcomed multifunctioning furniture in their homes to satisfy their lifestyle needs. Whether it's accommodating aging parents that necessitate an autonomous space in your home, or for when your kids come home from college, convertible furniture serves a multitude of purposes, and thankfully they have evolved to accommodate these needs.

Over the years, Murphy beds have evolved into a stylish, multi-functional piece that can easily blend into one’s existing décor. These convertible pieces have transitioned beyond the simplistic hideaway bed that folds into a cabinet to create an instant bedroom at night.

Indeed, Innovative designs and technology have facilitated smart solutions for smaller spaces.

At Zoom-Room, we have taken the concept of convertibility that bit further and created the first ever innovative, remote controlled Murphy Bed, which can serve as an entertainment hub for guests by day, whilst transitioning into a comfortable bed by night - all with a click of a button.

  1. The Multi functional sofa for the minimalist

A key item of household furniture is the sofa. The sofa is a hub of entertainment and often a place where we socialise with friends and family. This is why such an item is absolutely indispensable in a home - even if space is limited. Indeed, multi-functionality adds value to a sofa in places such as a micro-apartment.

However, unlike your conventional sofa designs, new innovations have facilitated a versatile piece of furniture that has everything you need in one design.

You can now go creative with a convertible, murphy bed sofa that can be arranged in various ways in any living space. Working extensively with shape, appearance, and comfortable fit, we have evolutioned a sofa to serve a multitude of functions, to capture everything a sofa is about in one piece of furniture. This allows you to squeeze out every inch of usable space at home. For example, our Ghost Sofa Murphy Bed features a stunning back panel with a shelf and under storage options - ideal for everything; sleeping, TV series binging, having movie nights with friends or hosting a wine-tasting evening.

The piece of convertible furniture combines practicality and innovation together for a stylish and cutting-edge item, desirable for any home.

  1. The Murphy bed and desk combo to create a comfortable living space

Homes often require an additional desk or study space, whether it be for working facilities or just to sort through general life admin. This ‘office’ requirement within the home has likely only been exacerbated by the current pandemic. However, accommodating both a home office and a guest room is not always a viable option. This is where convertible furniture comes in handy.

New designs provide a perfect solution for restrained spaces – a comfortable fold-down work desk in the daytime and a comfortable bed at night.

Incorporating the likes of a Murphy bed with desk, task lighting, and even ample storage space for belongings is another innovative way of utilising vertical space with duality of function, while still maintaining an overall clean and organized aesthetic in your home. It’s hard to believe you can get a bed and a home office in a compact space that is beautiful and practical in design.

For locations where space may be at a premium, convertible office spaces help to make the most out of the space in your home without feeling claustrophobic and cluttered. Yet, seamlessly integrating a Murphy Bed in a spare room even within large homes still serves a vital purpose, as it provides a dedicated place to complete prospective work, while still facilitating space for guests when they come over to stay.

At Zoom-Room, we have created a convertible Home office that integrates with a Murphy Bed, uniquely designed to deal with the dimensions of the space in addition to complimenting your lifestyle needs. For instance, some people need extra filing drawers; others may have special computer or electronic configurations. At Zoom-Room, our custom home office designs can be designed with side wardrobes, hutches, or bookshelves and / or art boxes on top. We also offer fully customizable custom home offices and cabinetry online that will effortlessly match your existing interior style and decor.

  1. Hidden table

Often overlooked as a simple everyday object, tables are one of the most practical pieces of furniture in the home. I can't think of any other furniture that has so many uses by everyone.

However, Bulky furniture is never a good idea in small living spaces. There’s no denying that a table will take up substantial room in your small home.

Consequently, convertible furniture items have transformed the conventional table by folding away from your wall. When not in use, these tables fold up to lay vertically and act as an art piece. When needed, the frame folds out into two legs while the table provides the other support.

Here at Zoom-Room, we house a range of beautiful Italian Style Fold Down Desks and Tables. Extraordinarily compact, easy to use and stylish, these fold down tables are an enhancement to any small space. Whether you require the ‘Mia fold down table’, which provides users with shelves and storage inside a kitchen table, or the ‘Bata fold down table’, which transforms into a larger kitchen table to accommodate guests, Zoom-Rooms brilliant convertible furniture engineering allows for all of this with minimum effort in the least amount of space.

Zoom-Rooms passion revolves around making everyday objects more practical and functional. We strive to create products you'll love to use and will make better use of your space. Whether you have a studio apartment or a large family abode, convertible and multifunctioning furniture can change the way you live and interact in your home. To find out more browse our collections online today!


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