Create A Multi-Functional Living Space At The Touch Of A Button With Zoom-Room

With many of us working from home, the need for more space is a hot topic right now. Rather than looking for a larger home, more land or relocating - especially with the current housing shortage in the United States, many of us are looking at what we already have.

Could your main living space convert into an office or guest bedroom and then quickly convert back?

The answer lies in maximizing our existing spaces using technological innovations and brilliant engineering, helping us to live more practically, comfortably and affordably.

Robotic Furniture

In response to our growing need to convert and improve the functionality of small space living, designers around the world have been working on innovative solutions. Dubbed “robotic furniture”, state of the art systems are being developed to make parts of our homes disappear from view, changing the function of a room at the touch of a button. Examples include beds that float up to the ceiling to reveal couches and entertainment systems that can move along a wall on a track to reveal additional storage.

The increased popularity of such furniture opens up the possibility for many people to reconsider living in more affordable, smaller spaces, especially at a time when America is facing a housing crisis. During the time of a similar housing crisis in the early 1900s, the inventor of the original Murphy Bed, William Murphy, was inspired to invent the bed that tucked away into a wall cabinet. This allowed the main living area to convert into a bedroom in his small apartment in San Francisco.

Read more about William Murphy here!

Remote Controlled Since 2005

Now, at Zoom-Room, we have been the exclusive North American distributor of our own piece of “robotic furniture” - the electronic, remote controlled, retractable Zoom-Bed, since 2005!

Light years ahead of the traditional fold down Murphy Bed, the German engineered and manufactured Zoom-Bed really is a smart small space design solution. Housed in a stylish modern cabinet that extends just 24” from the wall, the bed itself is completely undetectable when stored away. Constructed of bowed beechwood slats with a premium foam mattress that never needs to be turned, you can rest assured that your Zoom-Bed will provide unrivaled comfort too!

At the touch of a button on the wireless remote, the bed glides down a vertical track in about 40 seconds - that’s how quickly you can turn your bedroom into an office, living area, playroom or yoga studio.

Bespoke Cabinetry Designs

Re-designing your space to increase its functionality and create more storage space is easy with our Custom Cabinetry options. There are several lines of cabinets to fit your interior - whatever your style, there's a Zoom-Bed cabinet for you. For ideas, see our Cabinetry Guide here.

Cabinet options can include a space for an entertainment center, shelving, art boxes with lighting, cupboards or a desk. Unlike other wall beds, the Zoom-Bed does not interfere with your flat screen TV, bookshelves or whatever you choose to place in front of it in the cabinet - everything can stay in place when the bed glides into the room.