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Creating a Multi-Purpose Home Office for Remote Working with Zoom-Room

Dotto Murphy Desk Bed with additional upper storage

According to a recent article in Forbes, data scientists at Ladders indicate that remote working is here to stay. From their projections 25% of all professional jobs in the US will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote working opportunities will increase in 2023.

During the pandemic many of us worked from home and utilized our lockdown environments to create a home working space, as best we could, at the time. Now with the prospect of remote working becoming a more permanent arrangement for many of us, now may be the time to create your perfect home office space.

Smart Solutions with Zoom-Room

Not all homes have a dedicated room for an office - perhaps you have used a corner of your living room, kitchen or dining room, or even the guest bedroom. Making the most of the space available to you is key - a multi-purpose space that can be used all year round and changed quickly and efficiently - from an office to a bedroom, for instance. But how do you create a space that has a desk, a bed, storage and retains floor space? A Zoom-Room Italian Murphy Desk Bed is the answer!

Housed in a low profile stylish cabinet made from the finest Italian laminates, you can have a convenient stylish desk by day and a comfortable guest bed at night with a fold out Murphy Desk Bed. Just pull down the front panel and your desk folds under your comfortable slatted Zoom-Room Murphy Bed. Brilliant engineering allows for everything on your desk to stay in place, with minimum effort and in the least amount of space - watch our video to see just how effortless it is!

Dotto Murphy Desk Bed

Our classic Dotto Murphy Desk Bed, is available in both horizontal and vertical models, as a Queen or Twin and features our most spacious desk space with optional upper and side storage cabinets or shelving. The patented aluminum colored reinforced iron frame allows for safe and smooth operation of the bed and everything on the desk and shelves stays in place when the bed is folded down. A wide variety of laminate finishes are available too. This model must be attached to a wall.

Besk Free Standing Murphy Desk Bed

A revolutionary mechanism allows for the Besk Murphy Desk Bed to be housed in a unique freestanding unit - a more compact alternative to the Dotto. This model is also available as either a horizontal or vertical, Queen or Twin Bed with a choice of laminate finishes.

Our high quality, high density all foam mattresses come in standard and memory foam models to suit your taste. The Italian Murphy Bed system has been on the market and thoroughly tested for decades, ensuring a lifetime of satisfying use and convenience. A mattress strap is provided so that you can keep the bedding in place, although your pillows will need to be stored elsewhere (perhaps in the optional upper or side storage).

So whether you already work remotely or are planning to in the future, start designing your new multi-purpose home office with Zoom-Room today by calling our friendly team on (888) 211- 1120 or fill out our quick Free Design Consultation Form here and we will get back to you.


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