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Creative Ways To Integrate a Murphy Bed Into a Room's Decor

When adding a Zoom Room Murphy Bed into your home, you want it to seamlessly fit in with your existing home decor. You may also want to start fresh in your room and fit your new style around your Murphy Bed. There are many ways to achieve this, and below are our top tips when it comes to integrating your Murphy Bed into your home decor.

Choose a style that complements your decor

When selecting a Murphy bed, consider the style of your room and choose a bed that enhances it. For example, if you have a farmhouse-style home with existing complementing decor, you might opt for more of a Murphy bed with a warm toned wooden finish.

Likewise, if you have a more modern room, you might choose a Murphy bed which has a bold color to create a focal point in the room. Additionally, consider the type of Murphy Bed you need for your space, whether that be a Sofa Bed, a Desk Bed, or an Electronic Remote Controlled Murphy Bed.

Pick a color scheme

To integrate your Murphy bed into your decor, consider choosing bedding, pillows, and decor that match or complement the color of your Murphy Bed. If the bed has a bold or distinctive color, consider choosing neutral bedding and decor that will not compete with the bed. If the bed has a more subtle color, you could use bedding and decor with bolder colors or patterns to create contrast and interest.

This is your opportunity to make the room look exactly how you’d like it to look. We suggest picking a few colors which complement each other and then pick your room items around those colors. This will help them all cohesively work together to create a beautiful room.

Create a focal point

A Murphy bed can be a great focal point in your room, particularly if your room is on the smaller side. A great way to add to this focal point is by creating a feature wall using bold complementing wallpaper along the wall which the bed is placed on. You can also create the same effect using a bold color of paint along this wall too. Alternatively you could add a large piece of artwork, to draw the eye towards the bed, and help bring all together

Another great way to create a focal point is by adding decor, such as decorative pillows, to the bed. This will not only help to draw the eye to the bed, but it will also make it feel inviting and cozy.

Add lighting

Good lighting can help to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere in your room, which is important when it’s a space where someone will be sleeping. Consider adding a pendant light above the bed to create a warm and inviting glow, or ceiling spotlights which are away from the bed, as this will have the same effect. Also, by having dimmable lights you can allow your guests to create the perfect atmosphere for when they are winding down to go to sleep.

Another great idea is to add additional lighting around the bed, such as floor lamps or table lamps. Not only does this create a comfortable and relaxing space, it’s also helpful if you want to read a book or magazine before you sleep. It also helps if you just want some subtle light in case you need to get up in the night.

Use the space around the bed

One of the benefits of a Murphy bed is that it frees up space when it's not in use. To make the most of this extra space, consider using it for additional storage or seating. For example, you could add a bookshelf or storage unit to the wall adjacent to the Murphy bed to provide extra storage space. Alternatively, you could add a bench or a couple of chairs to create a cozy seating area.

It’s important that the room is practical for when the bed is in use, as well as when it is stored away. This is why many people choose a Murphy Bed in their small spaces as it allows them to have a multi-functional room.

Add some personality into your room

Finally, adding decor and items to your Murphy bed will make it feel inviting and comfortable. You can consider adding additional pillows and cushions, as well as throws for when the weather gets colder. Not only can you use these when your guests are there but they are also great for when it’s being used on a day to day basis.

Another personal touch would be adding photos and artwork which you like, as this helps tie the room together and create a warm and homely atmosphere. Similarly with items such as plants and flowers, as these are a great addition to making your room feel more personal and inviting. Practical items such as rugs are a nice tough as not only is this additional decor, but it’s practical when you get out of bed to put your feet down on.

Ready for your Zoom Room Murphy Bed?

By following these tips, you can create a seamless integration of a Murphy bed into your decor, creating a functional and stylish addition to your room.

At Zoom Room we provide a free design consultation where you can ask any questions you may have, as well as find your local dealer. There are many different Murphy Beds, so If you’re unsure which bed is right for you, our experts are on hand to help you and find the best fit for your home.


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