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European Design Inspiration: Murphy Bed Edition

A Murphy Bed that has European Inspiration…

There’s a lot to be said for European design features. A continent brimming with rich culture and heritage, Europe has an extensive range of styles that can greatly benefit a wide variety of products - particularly those on the more high-end market. Design enthusiasts have adopted many European-inspired interiors over the last century, with Nordic minimalism and Italian flair a universally adored and pin-terest worthy interior many are incorporating within their homes.

With this in mind, in this article we take a look at some of the European inspired features incorporated within our very own Murphy Bed products, fusing style and function for the ultimate space-saving piece of furniture.

Renowned German Engineering

Germany's prowess in engineering is indisputable, to the point that ‘Germany’ has become synonymous with engineering excellence on a global scale.

Engineers born out of the country are world leaders within their field, renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, with superior engineering quality and display of skilled craftsmanship that cannot be matched anywhere in the world. We need only turn to globally recognised and respected companies like Mercedes, Audi and Porsche to see these claims in action; all companies with engineering innovation at the forefront of their business models and goals.

Customers who buy German products typically are looking for more cutting-edge technology or a special design that cannot be found anywhere else.

True to form, their technological innovations extend into the ‘multi-functioning furniture’ domain, with products like our Zoom-Bed Murphy Beds floating into the room with a simple push of a button. Housed in an elegant cabinet, the Zoom-Bed allows you to utilize the space in front for a flat screen TV, bookshelves, art boxes, a painting or whatever you can imagine - completely undetectable to the naked eye - for a smarter, small space design solution. Now that’s innovation if there ever was one…

Zoom Room has been the exclusive North American distributor of the German engineered and manufactured Zoom-Bed since 2005, whose bed frames are made of bowed wooden slats instead of outshine box springs to provide maximum comfort, support and durability.

Italian Style

Mention Italy and a particular sort of effortless glamour comes to mind immediately. From culture, fashion and design - the Italian’s are the ultimate artisans. Whatever your mind’s eye conjures, it’s no exaggeration to say that Italian fashion and style influence and creative output has been – and continues to be – prolific.

Culture is the best place to start when unravelling what makes Italian style so beautiful and unique. Taking pride in aesthetics; enjoying a history of excellence in art and design; having access to master craftsmanship all over the country and truly embracing the notion of ‘la dolce vita’ - these are all integral elements which add to Italy’s appeal and success on a global scale. They are the source of many inspirational designs.

With this in mind, Zoom-Room’s products whole-heartily welcomes Italian style within our own products, with many of our beautiful pivoting Italian murphy beds, sofa murphy beds, murphy bed desks and folding tables designed and fabricated in Northern Italy from the finest materials available.

Space-Saving Does Not Mean Unattractive

While multi-use furniture is often coupled with terms like ‘functionality and space-efficiency’, the idea of being ‘attractive’ and ‘stylish’ may not instantly come to mind.

However, despite multifunctioning spaces being practical and ergonomic in design, they CAN also be created with aesthetics in mind (well certainly here at Zoom-Room). Whether it’s the rotating Murphy bed with a unique rotating design, or even the flat panel Murphy Bed that comes housed with contemporary laminates, all our products have unequalled Italian style, which marries fifty years of engineering innovation to create this stunning line of elegant space saving furniture.

Merging style and practicality, the Zoom-Room Murphy Bed collections integrate European flair and function within our product lines to help you save-space, without sacrificing essential décor.

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