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Home Office Features Per Occupation

Over the past year, society has been required to work from home due to an unprecedented pandemic that has put the world at a stand still. Because of this, more and more people have been working from home with a variety of different occupations. There are many job roles that are enabling people to work from home such as teachers, artists and architects just to name a few.

Planning your Workspace

Before setting up your desk, take a step back and plan what you want your home office to look like. Zoom-Room believes it's important to think carefully about what you require to work from home to be productive. Ask yourself these questions…

What essentials do I need close?

What needs to be close but can be stored away?

Where should I set up my home office?

Establishing your Home Office

The type of business that you are running from home is key to determining the size, type and location of the workspace you need. As you’ll be working in your home, you should carefully consider your day to day living, so that work-life balance is fully optimized.

You should consider implementing these measures to help achieve a well balanced lifestyle between work and home:

  • If you can, choose a free room simply dedicated to your work. This way you are able to close the door and keep any family distractions at bay.

  • Minimize distractions by choosing a home office space away from a noisy kitchen and utility room.

  • If clients are coming to your home, the ideal is a workspace with a separate door or even your own garden room if you can.

Embrace the Natural Light in your Room

It can be tempting to push your desk into a dark corner to save some space. However, doing this, you’ve ultimately created a dark and uninspiring space.

Over the past year, society has been required to work from home due to an unprecedented pandemic that has put the world at a stand still. Because of this, more and more people have been working from home with a variety of different occupations. There are many job roles that are enabling people to work from home such as teachers, artists and architects just to name a few. To maximize your productivity, try and place your desk under your window, creating a light and airy atmosphere. Placing your desk under the window gives natural light as you work and is proven to increase productivity by up to 40%.

How to Create a Office Space at Home

Sometimes, having the space for a home office can be difficult. Therefore, many people have a home office set up in their spare room. This can be challenging when switching off between home and work, but also the limited space available if the room may already be a bedroom.

From this, Murphy Bed Desks may be a great solution to the problem. This elegant space saving furniture has many models to suit your taste, so function and comfort is never compromised.

Essentials to Maximize Productivity at Home / Features of a Good Home Office

  • Computer/Laptop

  • Desk

  • Office Chair

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Monitor

  • Good Wifi

  • Noise cancelling Headphones

At Zoom-Room we have put together some of the most popular occupations that allow you to work from home, and talk you through how to fully optimise your space for an effective and productive work space.

Creating an Effective Home Office for Teachers

It’s important as a teacher to have a dedicated room for teaching. Realistically, you do not want to use your bedroom for your office as this can really affect your work-life balance. Many teachers will be teaching virtual classes so it would be advantageous to have a dedicated room with a setup that allows for enhanced learning even when the children are not in a school room setting. Having the options for storage in your work area is a great asset for teachers.

The Zoom Room Murphy Bed Cabinet Collections would provide a perfect solution for all the home-based teachers. It allows you to have the ultimate storage space without compromising a spare bedroom simply for your work space. Each electronic, Zoom-Room Murphy Bed is housed in a center cabinet. You can also add additional wardrobes, bookshelves, hutches and art boxes on top for increased storage. There are a variety of cabinet collections and can offer fully customizable home offices and cabinetry to match your style and meet your exact needs.

Home Based IT Consultant

These specific areas of expertise can be completed online and are great for remote work. For IT consultants, creating your home office space should have minimalism in mind. Less is definitely more. Having the essentials around you, such as a monitor, a sturdy desk and a good working laptop or computer is perfect for any successful IT consultant.

Artists and Architects Working From Home

Design is an integral part of any artist and architect. Having the space for your hand drawn ideas or using your computer to design CAD designs. Although, a lot of conversation would need to be completed with the client to ensure you are designing what they require, during this unprecedented time it is not essential that you would need to work from the office as the majority of work can be done from home. The main concern when working with the profession as an artist or architect is space. Space allows both professions to work freely on their drawings.

As any architect would know, it's important to utilize all necessary space within your home, making sure it's fit for purpose. A great space saving element to incorporate into any home that needs a multifunctional room - a Murphy Bed! The beauty of a murphy bed is their ability to double up as a space saving storage unit and an extra bedroom when needed. There are many different varieties of murphy beds that allow you to add additional components or even just a Murphy Bed Desk, perfectly suited to working from home. The beauty of zoom-room is that they allow you to fully customise a home office such as their City-Line Zoom Desk.

Writers Based at Home

Similar to digital marketing, writers need home office space that provides a tranquil environment, so they can fully concentrate on a day of writing. Minimal distractions and plenty of natural light will keep writers engaged and focus on the task at hand. As a writer, some love a maximalist approach, with overflowing bookcases for inspiration. Whereas, others prefer a minimalist approach to writing, with everything they need being at their fingertips - just their laptop, a pen and paper.

When working from home and following a minimalist approach, allowing you to declutter your mind to concentrate on the writing ahead. If you like to work in a space with plenty of books for inspiration, but struggling for space as it’s your spare room - why not try a Rotating Murphy Bed. This unique rotating design is a stunning bookshelf by day and a sumptuous bed at night. Or, if you need a desk during the day, but you’re not willing to compromise the spare bedroom, you could always consider a Murphy Bed Desk.

Working from Home and Optimizing your Home Office Space

Over the past year, working from home has become a necessity to many professionals. We hope that Zoom-Room has helped you design a dedicated workspace for your home. Whether you’re looking to create an office in your spare room, or, you need a combination of both a bedroom and an office storage space - zoom-room would love to help!


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