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How can Murphy Beds provide safety?

Space saving designs are a particularly popular trend within the interior space thanks to the rise of multi-use rooms, multigenerational living and even the small home trends that have emerged over recent years. You have probably seen many design enthusiasts include Murphy Beds within their living quarters and thought ‘what a great idea’, preceded by the question ‘but it is safe?’.

Much like a fine wine, the Murphy Bed has matured beautifully over time since it’s first generation, transitioning into a smart, functional, space-saving asset to many homes. Gone are the days of Charlie Chaplin infamously fighting with the Murphy Bed. New designs and improvements have made modern Murphy beds much safer than their predecessors. Let us explain how…

High quality Murphy Bed machinery

Murphy beds mechanisms have evolved extensively since their inception. With criticism concerning ‘Murphy Beds falling down’ upheld by folks in the past, modern designs shut down such a claim. Utilizing special hinges along with hydraulics, modern Murphy beds slowly descend from the wall in a safe and secure manner. Consequently, since unfolding the bed is controlled, chances of getting hurt are significantly slim.

This is particularly the case for designs like the ‘Zoom-Bed’; an electronic, remote controlled Murphy bed that transitions in and out of the space with a push of a button. Thanks to German manufacturing and engineering, you can install space-saving furniture that does not require manual lifting at all. Supported by a European-style slatted frame, our Zoom-Bed Murphy Beds simply glides down a vertical track hidden inside an elegant cabinet, avoiding the need to pull down the fold-away bed. This is a particularly fruitful design mechanism for parents aging in place or living within their children’s homes, as they can maintain their own private multi-functional living quarters when the bed is stowed away, whilst mitigating any safety concerns regarding the construction of the bed when they want to sleep. A win win?

Decluttering Murphy Beds are Safer Than Normal Beds

A fold-away Murphy Bed frees up valuable square footage when it’s not being used, but still provides a bed when you need it for overnight guests. Some models, like the italian Murphy bed or Zoom-Bed, offer attractive shelf-storage when the bed is in the upright position. So, despite the murphy bed taking up less floor space, it can actually add useful storage space to the room as the integrated piece of furniture can have storage above, behind and to the sides of the bed unit, enabling users to neatly house away items in their room.

One could argue that a Murphy Bed is a smarter and safer product than a typical bed, as it allows users to de-clutter their space and avoid tripping on unnecessary products that are left about on the floor.

The benefit of opting for a bespoke Murphy Bed is that you can also dictate the types of cabinets and storage options that your room requires unlike a store bought product that does not take into account your personal needs or requirements. For example, storage options like the Zoom-Desk for home workers enable consumers to store away all their filing and work documents to maintain an organised, safe and clutter-free aesthetic, whilst still providing a comfortable bed to sleep in at night.

Safety Tips for Murphy Beds

While there are a number of practical and space-saving benefits that Murphy beds provide, there are some essential steps you can take to ensure that your Murphy Bed is as safe as possible. These include purchasing a bed from a high-quality and reputable dealer, getting a professional to install your product as well as opting for a bed with hydraulic mechanisms. We explain this below...

  1. Buy a high quality murphy bed

The most significant step that you can take to ensure the safety of your Murphy Bed is by purchasing it from a reputable manufacturer that utilizes high-quality parts and materials to guard against defects and mechanical issues.

For example, Zoom-Room’s murphy bed products come with a 5-year limited warranty that covers the mattress, mechanism and motors. If a part doesn't work, we send a new one! The Zoom-Bed Murphy Bed's premium high density foam mattress (now also available with an integrated memory foam topper!) is manufactured under the strictest level of quality control. Maintaining their elasticity for decades to avoid pejorative mechanical issues such as lumps or sagging; both of which can seriously affect overall levels and comfort and quality. Zoom-Room bed frames are also constructed from premium bowed Beechwood slats and are designed to last a lifetime - in clear and comfortable contrast to finicky bedsprings found in a range of existing Murphy bed products on the marketplace.

  1. Have a professional install your murphy bed

To ensure that the Murphy bed is assembled in the most safe and secure manner, it may be a fruitful idea to hire a professional to help fabricate your space saving furniture. Trained professionals can assemble the Murphy bed through a ‘white glove delivery’ service that can provide that additional reassurance, mitigating the risk of safety issues related to improper construction.

Professionals have the expertise and knowledge to avoid installing the bed in such a way that it could put strain on the fixture or damage the walls that it’s attached to, in addition to creating gaps between the frame and the floor - ultimately damaging both the bed and wall due to the shearing forces that arise each time weight is placed on the bed.

For both the integrity of your existing furniture and murphy bed, professionals can provide that additional safety assurance.

  1. Choose a hydraulic lift mechanism

Selecting a Murphy bed with a hydraulic lift mechanism not only prevents the frame from falling from the upright position, but the pistons can also facilitate the lifting of the Murphy bed into an upright position.

Obviously selecting something like our high-quality Zoom-Beds which mechanically transitions the bed in and out by a push of a button are an additional safety precaution, given that there is no manual lifting involved. Aside from being extremely convenient and innovative in nature, users have the added bonus of an extremely contemporary Murphy Bed that poses little to no safety risks, but still maximises essential floor space within your multi-functioning room.

From inception, Murphy beds have been created with form and function at the forefront of their design mechanisms. Thanks to new technology and high-quality craftsmanship, they are a safe, secure, space saving solution that will truly transform your home.

For more information on our Murphy Bed products, call us today to find out how we can help.


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