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How can you make the most of the space in the Spare Room?

How can you make the most of the space in the Spare Room?

The spare room in any house can sometimes be an enigma - how do you make the most of the space? Is it considered the ‘junk room’ of the house for all of the items that you don’t have a place for? Is it a space you would like to use for something more productive in the home? The smallest room in the house couldn’t be a guest room, a workspace, or a playroom, could it?

Yes it can! - With Zoom-Room, you can make the most of the smaller spaces, without the need to get the tools out and do it yourself. Talk to the specialists at Zoom-Room about smart storage solutions and innovative engineering options.

Creating a comfortable and convenient guest bedroom with a Rotating Murphy Bed

At Zoom-Room we love Murphy Beds and our range includes the simple but ingenious Italian Rotating Murphy Bed. Contained within a stylish wall cabinet, made from the finest of European Laminates in a range of colors and finishes, you can choose your set up to suit your space. Options include shelving, doors and even a fold down table, perfect for entertaining, crafting or working. Rotating Murphy Beds are available in Twin and Queen sizes and you can see the schematics and measurements here.

The wall bed swivel system engineering allows for you to store the guest bed behind the shelving of your beautiful cabinet, to free up floor space in the room for other activities when not in use - a perfect solution for the spare room as it will sit along one wall! The beauty of a revolving bed is that you can make full use of your shelving, storing all of the items that you need for your practical space - without having to remove them again to use the bed. Everything stays in place as you revolve the shelves to the back of the cabinet.

When it’s time for your Murphy Bed to be used, simply pull and revolve the shelving to expose the slatted Murphy Bed frame, secure into place and pull down the Murphy Bed. Watch how easy it is to use the swivel system in our video guide below;

Each Murphy Bed has a Beechwood slatted frame, supported by rubber gaskets for total comfort and is tested for 50,000 cycles ensuring a lifetime of use and convenience. Our high density all foam mattresses fit perfectly into the slatted frame and come in firm or memory foam models, to suit your taste. A mattress strap is provided to keep the bedding in place, though you will have to store the pillows elsewhere.

Additional storage with custom cabinetry from Zoom-Room

If you have extra space after installing your Rotating Murphy Bed how about adding additional storage to the sides and above the cabinet? We have more options for extra storage solutions, matched to the laminate finish of your cabinet and customized to your preferences.

Small spaces like a spare room really can become a multipurpose space and comfortable guest bedroom!

We offer a free design consultation where you can send over photos of your space and discuss the ideas that you may have to enhance your Rotating Murphy Bed Installation. As part of the consultation we will then prepare drawings based on your needs to create cabinetry that is tailored to the space available in your spare room. You may decide to add wardrobes or cupboards (great for storing the pillows), bookshelves, art boxes, roll out side tables or drawers. You could add our premium LED lighting with a wireless remote and iPhone/Alexa connectivity. The possibilities are endless!

We use the finest laminates for our cabinetry - some mimicking stone, linen, exotic or traditional woods. The choice is entirely yours - following the existing style of your home, or opting for something completely different. For some ideas, check out our article “How to Choose the Right Custom Cabinetry for your Home”.

From start to finish our team will guide you through the whole process, making everything run as smooth as possible. Zoom-Room design services are free and carry no obligation to buy. Start a conversation with our design specialists to see how you could make the most out of the space in your spare room!

Call Zoom-Room Beds today on (888) 211-1120 for your free design consultation and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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