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How to Create a Relaxing Reading Haven

There is no better way to relax than to sit down in a cozy corner with your favourite book. A place to unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you’re thinking of adding a little reading haven to your home, then Zoom-Room has detailed a few simple ideas to help you out…

Unused Corners

When fitting out your room with your favorite furnishings, some people prefer a more minimalist approach, compared to a more cluttered and busy look. To start establishing your reading haven, you could find an unused corner in your home. Try to blend your reading corner in keeping with your original decor so it flows with the interior. The unused space within your home will give you a quiet and comforting place to escape when sometimes things seem a little too much.


For your little reading haven, make sure that you allow plenty of natural light into your home. Or, add a few little lights around your reading space so you could dim or brighten the lighting if needed. Hanging lights are also a fabulous way to enhance the lighting in your home while adding a little statement piece. For a calming and subtle lighting effect, try some scented candles. Eucalyptus scents are proven to clear your mind and bring clarity and focus.


Selecting the perfect seating for your reading sanctuary is essential. Some people want a love seat, giving them plenty of room to get comfortable, while others would prefer a chaise lounge style. Somewhere in the middle, you could incorporate an Italian Sofa Murphy Bed, with additional handcrafted custom cabinetry, such as bookshelves and media units to create that cozy reading corner.

The rotating murphy bed with shelves would give a fantastic, compact environment for a reading haven. You’ll have the best of both worlds - a place to rest your head and a stylish unit to store all of your books. When it comes to creating the ultimate room space saving reading haven, you can incorporate the best of both worlds.


Adding detailed embellishments to your cozy corners, help to make your snug a lot more comfortable - use blankets, cushions and scattered candles to set the mood. Investing in a Murphy bed or even Zoom-Bed, you can house custom cabinetry on either side to store all of these home comforts. With our Zoom-bed designs, our media cabinets can even house a 65” TV and dimmable, programmable LED lights to spotlight your impressive book collection. Check out our blog about Murphy TV beds to find out more...

Using the custom cabinetry design and with your Murphy bed in mind, you can create your very own reading haven. You’ll be surrounded by your favorite books and have a place to rest your head if the story is just a little too gripping to put down.

A bespoke reading haven, designed by Zoom-Room

With all of the possibilities, you’d be crazy not to speak to one of the team here at Zoom-Room, so get in touch and create a beautiful reading haven for your home.

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