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How To Make The Most Of Your Work From Home Office Space

If you’ve got a home office you might often find that you don’t go into the room on the weekends, and wonder how else you can make use of this space. You don’t want to move furniture around in your office when guests stay as it’s just another thing to do before your Monday morning calls.

The Murphy Bed Desk allows for you to create a quick but comfy space for friends and family to stay, whilst also being practical enough to not have to re-jig the room.

Why is a Murphy Bed Desk a good idea?

You can turn a room which is just an office, into a multi-purpose space. If you’re not constantly using your desk you can make use of the room for guests or just a place to chill out. Our fold down convertible desk bed means you have a bed that hides away when not needed, then easily folds down into a generous workspace.

It’s great if you need a functional work space, but also need a spare room on occasion. On the desk itself there's room for a 22" monitor, your keyboard and mouse. You can keep all of your office essentials on the small shelves on the desk, allowing you to keep your paperwork and notes organized on the desk.

How functional is the Murphy Bed Desk?

When you’re not using the desk, it simply folds under the bed. There’s no need to move your pens and notepads, they will remain underneath the bed as it opens. This also means that when you come to stow the bed away, your work essentials will be right back where you left them.

Everything is right in front of you, we provide a power strip, USB ports and cellphone/tablet stand, so you can get stuck into your work. The beauty of the Murphy bed Desk is that you can fold it back up and it all disappears.

Does your partner’s snoring keep you awake?

Many people complain that their partner’s snoring keeps them awake at night, so much that they need to go and sleep in another room. The Murphy Bed Desk allows you to have another space to sleep in, without the need for an extra spare room.

It’s super quick and easy to assemble the bed, so if it’s the middle of the night and you need your own space, you don’t have to worry about messing around for hours just to get to bed.

How do Murphy Bed Desks work?

Turning your desk into a bed is really simple. Just pull down the front panel and your desk top folds under your comfortable slatted frame Murphy Bed, allowing for use of the fully functional bed. With minimum effort you can change your office into a place to sleep in one easy step.

If you would like to see it in action, we have a YouTube video which shows you exactly what happens when you want to turn your room from a home office to a spare room.

What colors and finishes does the Murphy Bed Desk come in?

We have a large range of colors to make sure your Murphy Bed Desk fits in with your current furniture and ties in seamlessly with your decor. You don’t miss out on storage space as your bed has the option to come equipped with multiple cupboards and drawers to house all of your office and bedroom essentials.

They come in a wide variety of cabinets, but you can also ask your own cabinet maker to fabricate the cabinetry if you wish, simply contact us for more information

We offer a Free Design Consultation to give you the chance to any further questions you have, as well as find a local Zoom Bed Dealer.


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