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Look Out for these 5 Mistakes You May Make Decorating a Small Space

It can be hard to decorate a small room to create a calm, organized welcoming space without sacrificing your personal style and taste. Indeed, many of us fall into the trap of decorating a room without considering the end result, consequently creating a space that does not meet our expectations. To avoid this outcome, we have devised a list of common design mistakes in conjunction with innovative decoration ideas that will help you make the most of your small space, creating a stylish room you will love and appreciate.

1.) Not Taking the Time to Strategize

One common flaw when decorating a small space is jumping in head first without first thinking about the big picture. Before you get into the styling, think first about how you need the space to work for you and plan accordingly so that you get it right the first time. It may be worthwhile to divide your room geometrically into task-oriented zones — working, sleeping and relaxing. This will guide you as to how the space will function as you move about living your life. If you’re spending the money, you should get it right from the offset.

2.) Playing it safe in your small space

Too often we design small spaces with mildly attractive colour schemes and interior decor that don’t really push our own boundaries. Your home is the place to experiment and create those innovative ideas you have in your head. Go ahead and take the risk! You’ll be surprised how much a flash of color can make you happy. For example, you may want to integrate a large-scale printed fabric or wallpaper on the walls. Indeed, wallpaper with a bit of drama has been gaining popularity over the past few years amongst interior design enthusiasts. Aside from major renovations, wallpaper is one of the best ways to personalize a room, breathing life into your space and making it feel like your own. A wallpaper feature or bright bedding can add a burst of energy without overwhelming a tiny living quarters.

3.) Cramming the Space with too Much Furniture

In a smaller room, you need to be ruthless about keeping it simple. To keep your home from feeling claustrophobic, reduce your collections to the few pieces of furniture you adore and invest in attractive storage pieces to hide your essentials. For instance, if you have the benefit of high ceilings, a tall cabinet, wardrobe or bookcase can distract one's eye upwards and away from the smaller floor space, giving the impression of a bigger room. In this regard, it may also be advantageous to implement multi-purpose furniture that ensures you have everything you need without utilising too much space. For instance, an all-wood cabinet can feature desk tops, a bookcase, an elegant Murphy Bed and three drawer pedestals all-in-one. This means you can invest in a piece of furniture without sacrificing vital storage units. Do remember, though, that whilst functionality is important, it must be structured accordingly with the colour schemes and design of your room. Here at Zoom-Room, our Royal Line Home Office Cabinetry are hand made by skilled cabinet makers using only the finest hardwood veneers on top of quality furniture grade plywood with a wide variety of woods types and painstakingly applied finishes - customized to your specifications to create your perfect living space.

4.) Proportions and Scales are Vital

Sensitivity to scale and efficient use of space complement each other when it comes to planning a successful room. Custom cabinetry gives you the correct width, height, and depth for each piece of furniture to compliment the scale of a room. For smaller rooms, this is the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to go. Indeed, one of the major benefits of installing a Murphy Bed is that you have the ability to utilize more space than you ever thought possible, freeing up a small room for multiple uses. Custom cabinetry and Murphy Beds are designed to the specific dimensions of your room, generating a seamless finish that allows for plenty of circulation and “usable” space between furniture and fixtures.

5.) Dim Lighting

In a small room, you have to meticulously assess each piece you add. If it is going to utilise valuable space, it should only be incorporated if it will add value to the room. Thin, low-profile lamps and fixtures tend to be preferred in smaller living quarters. Although, if appropriate, a large decorative lamp may be used to add additional light into your room and nicely tie all the furniture together.

Don’t let a small space stop your creativity...

It seems that free-spirited interiors and maximalism are pioneering interior design trends of 2020, with bold geometrics and playful blocks of colour used to express personality. Your home is not disqualified just because you have a small space. At Zoom-Room, our deluxe Murphy Beds and custom cabinetry allows you to get the most out of your room without sacrificing the space and design to express your personality.

Our Murphy Bed collection marries style and simplicity together to generate a stunning enhancement to any small space - leaving room to incorporate bold and beautiful textures and furnishings.

Explore our collection now or call one of our team today to discover how Zoom Room could help you to maximise the space in your home and create a room you will be proud of.


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