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Modern Home Offices

Increasingly, people on a global scale are discovering the benefits - and challenges - of working from home. However, for those newly home-workers that may not have had the opportunity to create a room that is the perfect ibis for productive working, it may be time to consider decorating your modern home office space.

Creating a stylish home office that matches the interiors of the rest of your home is easy. However, challenges arise when you are utilizing spare rooms or small spaces. You want a modern aesthetic that will be both practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, without sacrificing on space for when guests come to stay. From floor to ceiling, every part of your office should promote maximum productivity and functionality. By creating a custom space designed to meet your specific needs, “going” to work each day becomes a little easier.

To shed some light onto this, here is how you can make the most of your space to accommodate a modern home office that you will love (you may even want to work overtime).

Modern home offices for spare rooms or shared spaces

If your home includes a guest room that is never fully utilized, it may be the perfect destination to incorporate a modern home office. Naturally, a guest room is an ideal location for a modern home office design, as it likely only serves its functions a few days or weeks a year.

A modern home office layout and design should be both practical and functional for how you will serve the space. With this in mind, a convertible and modern Murphy bed is desirable for this, as it can be hidden behind closed doors or entertainment cabinets, eliminating visual clutter prototypical of a permanent office space. The Murphy bed can also transition from a comfortable bed unit for when guests come over to stay, as well as a practical office desk when you need to work throughout the week; serving dual purposes without compromising on essential space and interior design.

Shelving in a shared space can also serve a dual purpose: Storing your office necessities as well as the family’s books and other objects everyone uses.

A minimalist modern home office interior is desirable where focus and organization are your top priorities. A trend in modern and minimalist home office design interiors is one color palette. Maintaining a simple color palette is essential for modern design and crucial in shared spaces where it prevents your office area from becoming the room’s focal point. While the colors for this shared space can vary depending upon the individual occupant’s tastes, for the most part, neutral colors with pops of texture and patterning are admirable. These patterns and textures could come from the striation of wood tones, to create a ‘rustic mixed with minimalism design’, to create warmth and contrast in your space.

Modern home offices for a dedicated space

For those pragmatists that are fortunate in terms of square footage in your home, you want a space that is going to allow you to get on with your work. You also want your modern office to look good and as far away from the hustle and bustle of your home as possible.

With this in mind, If you have the luxury of a separate room to contain your home office space, you have flexibility in terms of decoration and design. Now more than ever, the perfect modern home office is one that is isolated from the rest of the home to help maximise productivity.

Design inspiration for your work time getaway can come from anywhere, including a favorite color or style of furniture. According to psychology, colors are renowned for their ability to affect your overall productivity and are one of the most fundamental design tools to alter the perception of a room.

For your modern home office, consider what tones will blend accordingly with your space, while keeping it clean and uncluttered as a way of incorporating the minimalist mentality. You may keep one color palette throughout the room for this modern and simplistic feel, or create a modern office nook with a statement piece such as a monochromatic black and white mosaic wallpaper over the desk, stimulating excitement in your modern office space.

Indeed, the clean simplicity of black and white is always at home in a modern office. Use an equal balance of black and white, or focus more heavily on one color with accents of the other.

That’s one of the great things about working from your home office, as you are able to choose the decor that’s true to your personal voice.

If you have a specific room dedicated to your workplace, then storage space should not be an issue. Although, even if you have a whole room for your office, shelves maximize storage and enhance the visual appeal of your space.

In order to maintain a modern home office design, make the most of shelves and cabinets to keep everything neat and tidy (again enhancing productivity in your dedicated work space). It’s fine for a modern home office to include features that incorporate traditional design elements, with wooden built-in shelving that is structured in a way that projects a contemporary style.

At Zoom-Room, you have the choice between a range of custom cabinetry collections that are unique in design exteriors. For an ultra contemporary and urban appeal in your home office we have the city line collection. Alternatively, for a mid-century modernism aesthetic combined with the real warmth of wood, we have the American modern cabinetry. Each collection is hand-made by skilled furniture makers utilising only the finest solid hardwoods and top quality furniture grade plywoods, customised with whatever side cabinet and storage facilities your home office requires.

Small modern, home office ideas

For modern home office designs in small spaces, the most important interior tip is to keep the furniture sizes to scale. Incorporating bulky furniture will overwhelm the space and create a cluttered interior that is not visually appealing to the eye. Remember, modern or minimalist does not equate to boring. In the majority of cases, the smaller the area you have to work with, the better the outcome of the design process. This is typically because you have to think cautiously about how you will fill the space.

Take advantage of every inch of your home and think vertically. Negative space is just as important as the space taken up. In this regard, incorporate custom furniture that can be specifically tailored to the dimensions of your room. Zoom-room’s custom home office cabinetry is admirable for this, as our home office lines are specifically designed to fit in tight office spaces, providing you with both a liveable and aesthetically pleasing modern home office design.

Or another way your walls can help you make the most of limited space is to have a desk that folds down from a bookcase. Products such as fold down desks and tables are particularly fruitful for this, as they are extraordinarily compact and easy to use, providing extra utility in a small space. However, utility does not mean unattractive.

Innovative design solutions have afforded you with the opportunity to have both a chic and stylish fold down desk design that will seamlessly fit in your modern room, providing a practical solution when space may be at a premium.

If you want your office space to seem bigger, light and airy colors will create the illusion of a roomier space. If you want your office to feel cosier, go for warmer wall shades and décor like soft yellows and wooden frames.

Top design tip: A dedicated home office isn’t complete without a stylish, ergonomic office chair. While a love of contemporary design may narrow your choices in office furniture, never sacrifice comfort for style. If you become uncomfortable at your desk within an hour of settling in, your production will suffer.


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