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How Do Murphy Beds Fit With Current Interior Trends?

When deciding upon your Murphy Bed, it’s important to consider what interior design trend you decide to follow. Many murphy beds are a perfect solution for space saving and providing a modern and contemporary design within your home.

The hottest trend to date is incorporating Japanese Minimalism, with the Scandinavian and Biophilic design with a Murphy Bed; exemplifying the sleek and uncluttered aesthetic this movement is all about.

What is Japanese Minimalism and the Scandinavian Aesthetic?

One of the most up and coming trends of 2021 is Japanese Minimalism; also termed Japandi. With its rustic and simplistic composition, Japanese minimalism follows the concept of less is more. It’s all about creating an uncluttered and serene style and goes against all notions of consumerism. Simplicity is key. Similar to Japandi, the Scandinavian aesthetic exhibits neutral palettes, minimalist décor and modern furnishings. Both interior styles boast, natural textures such and wood to bring the outdoors in and create an element ambience inside. As well as this, these themes tend to follow white walls, with pops of colors and a sense of warmth in any living space.

Creating a Timeless and Harmonious Aesthetic for your Murphy Bed

Creating the timeless and harmonious aesthetic that the Japandi and Scandinavian style promote can be hard to do. Using your spare room as a home office during the ongoing pandemic is currently very popular. Following the concept of less is more, a great idea would be to place a Murphy Bed into your spare room so it can be doubled up as both a bedroom and your daily office space; therefore, nothing is compromised and the Japandi approach is in full force. Thus, adhering to an uncluttered environment, with a contemporary and clean overall finish. Not only have you got a peaceful place to work, you have an extra bed when guests come and stay.

Textured furniture is becoming more popular in 2021, bringing surface detail to otherwise simple MDF - particularly the style of tongue and groove. This decorative joinery would match nicely with the Scandinavian approach of simple, white and rustic design. With many murphy beds being completely customizable to fit the aesthetic of your room; the textured furniture can be placed within the design to match this trendy style giving you your own individual murphy bed.

Biophilic Design for Murphy Beds

Biophilic Design is a term used to describe innate human connection to nature and incorporating nature as its core. Similar to Scandi style - it's all about bringing the outdoors in. This interior trend has gained a huge amount of traction as this pandemic has increased everyone's desire for outside space and wanting it beyond just the months of summer. Outdoor space is such an important element of any home, and outdoorsy country folk have known for so long; that nature benefits our health and makes us feel good. Incorporating many house plants into your Japandi and Scandi style environment is crucial to have a fresh outlook.

Why should I Buy a Sofa Murphy Bed?

If you have a Sofa Murphy Bed in your living room, a rustic design with house plants brings an outdoorsy feel even when you have spent many months inside due to the ongoing pandemic. The beauty of the Sofa Murphy Bed is its ability to be doubled as a bed when you need it - for when guests need a place to stay but you don't have a spare room in your apartment. Incorporating house plants and giving an outdoorsy feel to your living space and spare room. Our most popular design here at Zoom-Room is the Ghost Sofa Murphy Bed. This luxurious sofa boasts a stunning back panel with a shelf, under sofa storage and it comes in a variety of fabrics and finishes. But don't worry, this sofa bed isn’t your average sofa bed, it’s so much more comfortable and cozy, making it the perfect solution for compromised apartment space.

With the addition of a Murphy bed and a fusion of sleek Japanese minimalism with the warmth of Scandanvian and Biophilic design; this is looking to be one of the biggest interior trends for 2021.


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