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Murphy Beds and Moving from New York to Florida

Every year, Florida sees a high intake of people ready to settle down and start anew. Florida has been a popular destination for many New Yorkers packing up and residing in the sunshine state. In addition to a never-ending flow of Latin Americans, the steady influx of New Yorkers has been why Florida has topped the charts when it comes to new residents, settlers and “snow birds”.

Florida is the southernmost state in the country, known for its tropical climate and plentiful beaches. It is consistently ranked as one of the favorite relocating states in the USA. The sunshine state offers something for everyone and has enticing incentives for New Yorkers who are looking to relocate. Here are just a few of the fabulous benefits the state of Florida has to offer.

Great Weather

Say goodbye to shoveling snow and get ready for t-shirts and flip flops year-round.

This is always a great place to start as it really lives up to its name, “The Sunshine State”. During the summer months, you can expect heat and humidity, while you are treated to warm and breezy days during the winter.

New Yorkers who move to the state can expect to find pleasant weather year-round and plan outdoor activities any time of the year.

Cost of Living

Despite rising housing costs in Florida over the past year, the cost of living in Florida is significantly cheaper than in New York City. The cost of real estate will vary depending on where in Florida you relocate to, yet even the most expensive cities in Florida are still much cheaper than in the five boroughs. A recent study on real estate has shown the average house price in Miami to be $336,000, while New York is a drastic $662,000 - making NYC 53% more expensive than Miami (and if you’re comparing costs with Manhattan, they are exponentially higher!).

And, as many are aware, there is no state income tax in Florida, while New York has state tax and, if you live in the Big Apple, an additional city income tax as well. You need to live out of New York for six months and a day in order to avoid the local taxes, and Florida is the perfect place to do it.

Not only is Florida a lot less expensive to live in, but the way of life is also more relaxed than in New York (even if you do spend more energy partying!). If you’re looking to wind down and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, then Florida is the place for you.

Stunning Beaches

Set on the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is a tropical paradise. From St Petersberg to Miami Beach you can be sure you’re never too far from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Many people in New York are used to living in apartments, so why not relocate to an apartment on the beach in Florida. Nothing beats waking up to white sandy beaches and the sound of the sea.

Murphy Beds for Your New Florida Home

If you are moving from one apartment to another, you’ll be familiar with the concept of minimalism - the subtle art of less is more. And heads up – if you have an apartment on the water in Florida, you will get visitors from the friends you’ve left behind (especially in February!). To truly maximize your space, consider a Murphy Bed. With recent innovations and European styling, they are an elegant solution for maximizing your space and are redefining the concept of convertible spaces, without sacrificing utility or décor.

If you opt for that two-bedroom condo with a view of the Gulf or the Atlantic, a murphy bed can let you free up space during the day or while the bed is not being used. Since murphy beds are only extended when in use, they give you a larger and brighter bedroom.

To design the perfect Murphy bed for your Floridian home, take full advantage of our complimentary design service today!

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