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Murphy Beds On Screen

Has anyone seen the Season 4 premier of HBO MAX’s Westworld this week? The opening scene features a futuristic remote controlled Murphy Bed (well, we’ve been doing that for 20 years!).

Since their invention over 100 years ago, Murphy Beds have been a staple in American movie, television and cartoon history, often featured as a comedy prop. At Zoom-Room we love Murphy Beds, their history and how they have advanced over the years. We’ve talked about their many cameos on screen before, but we couldn't resist showing you some more comical examples;

Traditional Murphy Beds have always created a space saving solution to increase floor space, but in their earlier years, they were never really that attractive, A great example is from The Great Muppet Caper (1981), as the bed folds away we’re left with the untidy underside on view.

By 1985 however, the aesthetics started to improve, as you can see in this clip from Police Academy 2 - a positive advertisement for murphy beds and their space saving abilities. In Sgt. Kathleen Kirklands small abode, this time being housed behind cupboard doors, this murphy bed is complete with lighting and decor.

From cupboard doors to filing cabinets, murphy beds were becoming better hidden in their surroundings, like in Eddie Valiant's office in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) - to the unsuspecting eye, you would never have known there was a bed there, much less expect who’s in the bed!

In The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976), the murphy bed concept was exaggerated in this great clip, with an oversized murphy bed complete with bubbles and silken sheets, that soon leads to an overdramatic fight and everyone flying through the wall at great force!

At Zoom-Room, in addition to the unique remote controlled Zoom-Bed, we have a beautiful range of modern, contemporary Italian Murphy Beds, housed behind stylish cabinets that offer practical space saving and storage solutions. Our revolving or rotating murphy beds can feature desks, tables, sofas, shelving or closed storage, with lighting and even space for your TV. That's right you can watch murphy beds on tv while in a murphy bed with a tv!

The industry leading style, engineering and safety of our modern Murphy Beds allow for a safe, smooth and easy pivot from front side (shelving, closed storage and even a fold down table!) to the backside where the swivel foldaway bed, complete with mattress, is hidden.

With beautiful Italian laminates you can tailor your Zoom-Room Murphy Bed to fit your style and decor and be confident in the stylish modern aesthetic it will bring to your home. Call Zoom-Room Beds today on (888) 211-1120 or contact us here for more information. For more Murphy Beds in the Movies you can read our previous blogs, A Classic Treat and The Murphy Bed In Film.


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