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Murphy Beds - The Ultimate Guide

Practical, attractive, space saving — all synonymous with Murphy bed designs. Perfect for apartments, suburban homes, and even offices, a Murphy bed allows you to transform any room into comfortable sleeping quarters in seconds, without taking up valuable square footage.

Concealed attractively in a cabinet, desk or entertainment center, Murphy beds quickly and conveniently fold up and out of the way when not in use. They truly are the space-saving supermachine that facilitates lifestyle needs.

Before you rush out to buy a wall bed, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your lifestyle and home.

  1. Your reasons for considering the murphy bed

Murphy beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so considering the purpose of the purchase is first and foremost the most necessary step to finding a product that works best for you.

Consider whether your wall bed will serve a specific purpose in your home, or, as all multifunction furniture is designed to do, will the Murphy bed cater for a diversity of occasions. Will it be useful for when guests come over, if so, consider a Murphy bed that can serve a multitude of purposes, seamlessly functioning as both a bed and an entertainment hub.

Whether you reside in an apartment building in the centre of New York City and need to free up valuable space, or you are in a suburban paradise with acres of land, and want to create an intelligent interiors that present a clutter-free and convenient aesthetic within the home.

Alternatively, maybe your space accommodate aging parents, who live in a dedicated room or quarters within your home. In this case, a retractable and remote-controlled Murphy bed that can easily transition out-of-site may be a more fruitful option for them. This effortless transition from bed to breathable space is user-friendly for your elders (i.e., avoids manual lifting),

  1. The room dimensions

Another critical consideration is the layout of your room.

To begin with, measure all walls carefully to ensure you have enough space for the wall bed when it’s folded away, but also when it’s folded down.

At this stage you will probably have a good idea where you want the murphy bed located within the room. If your room is longer and narrower, you may want the bed installed on the narrow side. If the ceiling is relatively high, a vertical wall bed is a great choice. If your room has low ceilings or the bed will be installed along the long wall, a horizontal bed might be the best choice.

It is also crucial that the wall is sturdy enough to sufficiently sustain the murphy bed model. Thankfully, our experts here at Zoom-Room help with every single murphy bed design installation.

  1. Appearance

Aesthetics is integral to your overall Murphy Bed decision. Just because these multifunctioning pieces of furniture are ergonomic in design, does not mean they lack sophistication and overall aesthetics. This is a factor we pride here at Zoom-Room.

Interior design is a process that provides individuals with a set of aesthetically pleasing but efficient solutions for a better use of the space in question. Whether this be installing cabinets in your murphy-bed desk to neatly store paperwork, or a television cabinet above the stow-a-away murphy bed compartment - every single aesthetic detail is paramount to your interior transformation, so don’t overlook it.

As most Murphy beds are not constructed of solid hardwood, it’s up to you to choose the type of finish you would like. Solid wood veneer helps to give a high-quality and more expensive look and feel. For a contemporary appearance select a glossy laminates as seen in our city-line collection. With an extensive range of colors and style to choose from, you can modify a murphy bed that speaks perfectly to you.

  1. Overall mechanism and ease of use

Much like the design and size of these multifunctioning pieces of furniture, the assembly of Murphy beds can differ from model to model. Thus, considering what will work best for you and the dedicated space it resides is an important factor to consider prior to purchasing.

There are a couple of choices of folding mechanism in Murphy beds. You have to decide if you want a piston mechanism or a bed with a spring. A piston system uses air pressure with a lock to hold the bed in place when not in use. Piston mechanisms don’t require adjustment. Spring mechanisms, on the other hand, may need adjustment over time and will require dedicated cabinets to accommodate the spring mechanism.

Here at Zoom-Room, we have gone one step further and created the very first remote controlled Murphy bed, which effortlessly transforms into a bed by day and a hide-away cabinet by night, all with a single click of a button. We may be biased, but we are confident that we are the most convenient choice to complement style and overall usage than any alternative murphy beds.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is paramount to any Murphy Bed design (or any bed for that matter).

Thankfully - and despite previous misconceptions - Murphy beds can be as comfortable as any other type of bed as long as you make the right choice. Once you have it installed and pulled down (or clicked the remote) most Murphy beds can be equipped with the same mattresses as a regular bed. That being said, most people choose a memory foam mattress.

The Zoom-Bed Murphy Bed's premium high density foam mattress (now also available with an integrated memory foam topper!) is manufactured under the strictest level of quality control. Maintaining their elasticity for decades, designed to avoid any uncomforting quirks such as lumps or sagging. Zoom-Room bed frames are also constructed from premium bowed Beechwood slats. Slatted bed frames are the standard in Europe, and are designed to last a lifetime - in clear and comfortable contrast to finicky bedsprings prototypical of cheaper murphy bed design.


With an array of things to consider prior to purchasing a Murphy bed, it can sometimes feel like a daunting process to select a design that will accommodate you and your guests. Whether it's considering the purpose of the bed, which wall will work for the fold away mechanism, it’s overall appearance or the comfort levels, big decisions have to be made before finding a convertible furniture piece that you truly adore.

Here at Zoom-Room, we pride ourselves on our attentive and professional nature to sufficiently answer any of your design issues or queries when creating a wall-bed for your home. Our free design consultation will take you through each process, covering each of the points mentioned above, ensuring that you are equipped with extensive knowledge of the product. The end result? A beautiful space-saving murphy bed that accommodates you and your lifestyle needs.


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