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Murphy Beds - Why They’re Great For The Holiday Season

As we grow nearer to the festive season, you may be thinking, where are the family going to sleep when they come for Christmas? It’s a common question people ask themselves, as the festive period comes closer and closer.

This is where the Murphy Bed comes in with its innovative design. It combines practicality and comfort whilst helping you save space in your home.

So why is a Murphy Bed a good choice for your home at Christmas?

Ideal For Last Minute Plans

When we have friends and family over for the evening, sometimes by the end of the night you’re all so tired and you just want to go to sleep. Instead of them driving home, you can offer them a place to stay for the night.

There’s no need to worry about where the blow up mattress is, or which sofa would be most comfortable to sleep on, you can simply turn to your Zoom-Bed. Tucked up and out of the way, you can quickly and easily assemble it to provide a bed for your guests.

A mattress strap is provided so you may keep the bedding in place, though you will have to store the pillows elsewhere.

No Compromise On Comfort

The Zoom-Bed consists of a high quality mattress which means you can wake up well rested, gone are the days of waking up with a crooked neck from sleeping on the sofa.

The Murphy Bed system has been tested for 50,000 cycles, ensuring a lifetime of satisfying use and convenience.

Different Bed Types: Spoilt For Choice

The Murphy Bed comes in lots of different designs, which means that you can find something which fits your home down to the final touches. You’ve got the choice of a desk bed, a bunk bed, and even a bed which packs away behind a bookcase.

If you regularly have any children of the family stay around, the bunk bed is a brilliant option. It allows you to provide a bed for 2 children, whilst it still folds away right up against the wall. That way when you don’t need to use it, it isn’t in the way.

Great For Even The Smallest Of Rooms

The Rotating Murphy Bed with a Fold Down Table is a brilliant small space solution for a room where you need both the bed and the table to fold away. This allows you to use the separate furniture at your own leisure, with the option to change it up when you need.

The rotation means that everything which is on your shelves stays put, so you don’t have to move it to somewhere else when you want to use the bed. Are you short on storage? Not only do the beds store out of the way, they can also come fitted with cabinets and additional storage for all of your needs.

Your Choice Of Style

If you’re thinking that your Zoom-Bed is going to be boring and plain, then think again! Zoom-Beds are comfortable and compact, without compromising on style. There’s a range of finishes to fit in with the decor theme of whichever room you choose to have it your space saving bed in.

The fabrics come in a huge selection of colors, including both neutrals and brights. This allows you to have the customization to match it to your existing furniture and color scheme.

Interested In a Zoom-Bed?

Get started by browsing our Zoom-Beds, whether you’re interested in our Italian Murphy Bed, or you want to explore our Remote Controlled Zoom-Bed. Allow us to help you transform your small space so you can use your home to the most of its potential.

We believe that smaller spaces no longer need to limit your lifestyle, and we’re here to provide the best and most beautiful design for your home, and create smarter, small space designs that will last for years to come.

Take advantage of our Free Design Consultation to ask us any further questions you might have, as well as find a local Zoom Bed Dealer.


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