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Perfect Your Home Office With a Retractable Zoom Desk Bed

Working at home is the new normal, and has made many yearn for a well designed home office that can help them be more productive. Most do not have the space to dedicate an entire room to the task, which is why the concept of convertible furniture, married with custom cabinetry, can be so attractive.

Seven years ago Zoom-Room received a call from a client in Coral Gables, Florida, asking us to convert a very tiny room into a home office/computer room that could still be used as a guest room during the holidays. This was the birth of the first Zoom-Desk Bed - a fold down secretary desk, flat screen TV stand, and electronic, remote controlled Murphy Bed.

This first transforming miracle was fabricated with our simple City Line Cabinetry, using a standard Cayenne Maple laminate finish. Lighting and one small side cabinet was added as well.

Retractable Desk Beds

This innovative retractable desk bed was the start of a virtual flood of innovative designs that we and our Zoom-Room Murphy Bed dealers have been able to offer our clients, proving that, first, utility is important - the room needs to work for your particular needs, and, second, style matters, and everyone has their own.

Here are examples of the kinds of custom cabinetry we've come up with, highlighting the wide range of cabinets available to meet the needs of our clients and satisfy every taste.

For example, here's a fine example of a Shaker Zoom-Desk Bed in white paint. This transitional design is highlighted by attractive hardware, and features twin side-by-side cabinets for storage. Note the extra large crown molding that adds a touch of drama with out overpowering the room.

American Modern Zoom-Desk Bed

Something a bit more contemporary, but still made of wood veneer - this time with our very popular "Driftwood" stain - is this American Modern Zoom-Desk Bed. The American Modern cabinet line is characterized by flat front panels like many Mid-Century Modern designs. This one has a smaller side cabinet with open shelves above to show off photos and knick knacks (and to put the cable box), and below, several drawers and our ever-popular pull out side table (great for your phone, wallet or a light when your guests are lying in bed!).

Another example of the American Modern Line of cabinets, but this time with a more traditional take, is this Rustic Cherry Disappearing Desk Bed with a clear stain. This unit has two ample side cabinets with open shelves, drawers and the pull out side tables, making an exceptional "frontier" centerpiece for our clients' living room. See how the choice of wood changes the look and feel of the room.

Going back to a more paneled look, here's a variation on a theme. This recent installation is actually made from laminate, despite the fact that it has raised Shaker fronts. This new technology allows our shop to source these special door fronts, giving our client the convenience of an easy-to-clean finish in a perfectly consistent white (or other color), while still leaning a bit more traditional in her tastes. This Shaker City Line Plus Cabinet looks great in the living room and offers a perfect hide-away office when needed.

City Line Plus Zoom-Desk Bed

In contrast, this City Line Plus Zoom-Desk Bed, also in our clients' living room, is more contemporary, and features tons of needed storage. This is a complete built-in cabinet, taking up the entire wall (including up to the ceiling) and featuring our textured City Line Plus Fine Line Cream laminate. Note the drawing below showing how prolific we can be when it comes to storage. Note too that you have no idea it's an office, much less a bedroom!

Of course, many of our Zoom-Bed dealers are gifted fine craftsmen, and they have come up with some amazing custom cabinet ideas for their clients' home offices. Here's one example from R Design Resources up in Greenwich, NY (near Saratoga). They do lots of things, but specialize in repurposed wood (including barn woods and flooring from old gyms). Here's a very rustic, highly innovative design that features a retractable desk bed AND a hidden standing desk, so the client, when feeling cramped, can easily move from a seated to standing position and still keep on working.

Exquisite Zoom-Desk Beds

And for those with more expensive tastes here are two breathtakingly elegant Zoom-Desk Beds (well, one is a Zoom-Bar if you're going to be technical), from Soroe Studios in California. The first is pure Chippendale, complete with characteristic pediment. Rarely do folks associate such heirloom pieces with convertible furniture, and yet here you are.

And for an example of pure art, here is another piece from Soroe Studios that is unique in too many ways to count. The Zodiac Bed features a fold down bar (a modified Zoom-Desk Bed design), complete with center cabinets to hold fine crystal. But what distinguishes this piece from all the others is the amazing black and gold signs of the Zodiac images embossed into the wood, raising this cabinet to a level of craftsmanship rarely seen in this day and age.

Contact Zoom-Room Today!

So for those who think Murphy Beds are awkward and frumpy, there are alternatives. We can help you find solutions to both meet your home office, storage and guest room needs while creating custom cabinet designs to make your heart sing! Give us a call at (888) 211-1120 or fill in our Free Design Consultation Form. We'll be more than happy to discuss your project and come up with innovative design ideas for your home (drawings are free, so call us now!).


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