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Reclaim your Floor Space with an Italian Rotating Murphy Bed

Traditional space saving sleep solutions – trundle beds, air mattresses or camping cots - have not always been regarded as particularly stylish, contemporary, or comfortable. Although functional, they are often thought of as time consuming to assemble and not very comfortable. Let’s face it, who wants to deflate and reinflate an air bed each time you use it, or pack away a trundle bed every day to claim back the floor space in a small room for daytime use?

Since their invention over 100 years ago, Murphy beds have been adopted as a prop in many comedy sketches, giving them the reputation of being a tricky piece of furniture that takes some muscle to set up and patience to master! One charming example is in the Charlie Chaplin film “One A.M.” from 1916 - an inebriated Chaplin spends a hilarious six minutes battling with a Murphy bed in a series of pratfalls and flips.

However, a lot has changed since 1916; design, aesthetics and engineering have come a long way, and Murphy beds are receiving a resurgence in popularity. Attractive, smart space saving solutions in condos, smaller houses, loft apartments and spare rooms are also in high demand and a rotating or revolving Murphy bed is the perfect, stylish, multi-use solution for reclaiming your floor space!

Italian Rotating Murphy Beds

At Zoom-Room we have a range of beautiful Italian Murphy beds to suit any small multi-use room. With a traditional Murphy bed, the frame and mattress are folded up against the wall – good for saving space, but not necessarily the best option for a multi-functional piece of furniture, or adding an attractive feature to you wall. Our modern and contemporary Italian Rotating Murphy Beds are different, being both multi-functional and stylish, providing a well-engineered and comfortable bed together with plenty of storage solutions.

Housed within a stylish wall cabinet featuring shelves or even a fold down table, you have a beautiful piece of furniture that can accommodate books, artwork, ornaments and trinkets, and even a TV. The added bonus is that when it is time to use your rotating Murphy bed, there is no need to remove your items from the shelves - they won’t fall off! Simply pull and rotate the front of the cabinet to reveal the bed behind, secure in place and bring the bed down for use. The next morning, the bed can be lifted back into position with the bedding still in place and swiveled back behind the cabinet - reclaiming the floor space for the rest of the day. Click here to see the Rotating Murphy Bed in action.

Smart Engineering and Style

All of our Contemporary Italian Rotating Murphy beds come with a beechwood slatted frame that is supported by rubber gaskets for total comfort. Our high-quality high density all foam mattresses fit perfectly and come in firm or memory foam topper models to suit your taste. In addition, they have a mattress strap to hold your bedding place (though your pillows will need to be stored elsewhere). The patented aluminum colored reinforced iron frame allows for a safe, smooth and easy pivot from the front side to the back where the bed is housed - a huge improvement from the Murphy Beds of 1916!

Choose from the finest Italian Laminates to create a Rotating Italian Murphy Beds that is tailored to suit the decor and style of your home . You can also add additional side cabinets, creating the ultimate contemporary living environment. For more details about our laminate options click here.

Small rooms can easily be upgraded to make clever use of the floor space available - a comfortable guest room that can also be used as a home workout space, an office or a playroom.

With our free design consultation you can discuss your space and Italian Rotating Murphy Bed installation with one of our experienced team. You may decide to add wardrobes or cupboards (great for storing the pillows), bookshelves, art boxes or drawers. You could also add premium dimmable LED lighting. The possibilities are endless!

Zoom-Room custom cabinetry design services are free and carry no obligation to buy. Start a conversation with our design specialists to see how you can reclaim your floor space! Call Zoom-Room Beds today on (888) 211-1120 or contact us here.


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