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Saving Space With Murphy Bunk Beds

Traditionally, Bunk Beds have been a space saving alternative to two single beds in a room, by stacking one on top of the other, you then only take up half of the floor space. But what if you want to have access to all of the floor space? Or don’t want the beds in sight when they are out of use? Then Zoom-Room Italian folding Murphy Bunk Beds are your answer!

Made with the finest of Italian laminates and exceptionally low profile, Murphy Bunk Beds can be installed in any room where you need more than one bed and still have access to all of the floor space when not in use. They are perfect for kid’s rooms, a home office space, and even ski lodges!

Housed in a sleek contemporary cabinet and attached to the wall our Murphy Bunk Beds simply fold away back into the low profile cabinet when not in use.

Our range includes:

A sleek addition to any home or office, the Angel Twin Murphy Bunk Beds are a contemporary low profile addition to any room, with twin horizontal bunk beds, a ladder and top bunk safety bar and the ability to rotate 65° for easy upkeep.

One of our most popular Murphy Bunk Bed systems, the Boss features twin horizontal bunk beds, a ladder and top bunk safety bar, 65° rotation for easy upkeep and the option to include the bottom bunk desk too!

If the dimensions of your room don’t quite work for a horizontal bunk bed system, then why not consider the Ledo Murphy Bunk Bed. Contained within a sleek cabinet with twion vertical bunk beds and a ladder included.

Innovative Engineering & Construction

Made exclusively for you in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, by a family run furniture company with over 50 years of engineering expertise, you can trust that your Italian Murphy Bunk Bed will provide you with a lifetime of satisfying use and convenience, with minimum effort in the least amount of space.

With a patented aluminum coloured reinforced iron frame, the Murphy Bunk Bed system has been tested for over 50,000 cycles and the top bunk has a weight limit of 200lbs. Each Bunk Bed comes with a Beechwood slatted frame, supported by rubber gaskets (used in Europe instead of box springs) for total comfort. Choose between a number of high quality laminate finishes for your Bunk Beds too, or send us a sample of what you're looking for and we can suggest additional options.

Our high quality high density foam mattresses come in standard and memory foam models to suit your taste, and mattress straps are provided to keep your bedding in place when the bunks are foiled back into the cabinet (although your pillows will need to be stored elsewhere). But with a number of side and upper cabinet options in custom sizes from Zoom-Room - you can create the ultimate contemporary space saving living environment.

Our friendly Italian Murphy Bunk Bed experts are available to discuss your options with a free design consultation today - call us on (888) 211-1120, fill out our Contact Form, or email your inquiry to


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