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Texas Zoom-Room Murphy Bed: Bigger and Better in Texas

As the saying goes, ‘everything is bigger and better in Texas’. Metros like Austin, Dallas and Houston boast some of the highest marks in median square feet in the country. From entry-level to luxury homes, the Texas real estate market offers plenty of room to roam.

Whilst buyers will easily find spacious homes with ample square footage in any Texas Market, locations like Dallas are embracing high-rise living in a big way. In the 1980s and ‘90s, high rises were mostly limited to Turtle Creek Boulevard, with magnificent views of the city. Now, luxury apartments and condominiums in uptown and downtown Dallas, as well as the newly created arts district, are popping up everywhere.

As such, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has grown more in the last decade than any other metropolitan region in the country, according to new population estimates released by the federal government. Many of these new residences are city-living apartment spaces.

This was the case for one of our clients. As a busy doctor working in the middle of town, she decided that proximity to work and downtown Dallas was more important than wide open spaces. Consequently, she moved into luxury condominium residences - combining two apartments into one.

Whilst the apartment was high-end and spacious, she still needed an additional bed for guests, but did not have an extra bedroom to put it in. She wanted a more permanent fixture in her home that would not take up too much space, that could blend into her existing decor and would be a more comfortable solution than other space-saving bed options like pull-out sofas, futons and inflatable mattresses.

A murphy bed seemed like the most practical and ergonomic choice. She decided to use the vestibule created when combining the two apartments for a Zoom-Bed. This way, the Murphy Bed with side cabinetry could be positioned in the living room to function as an entertainment hub as well as offering additional storage. The bed was designed to save time and space, and can be used as additional cupboard space during the day and as a bed during the evening, when required.

As is often the case in Texas (though not always!), the client had a preference for traditional all-wood furniture. Zoom-Room solved her problem by designing a Royal Line Country Squire Zoom-Bed Media Cabinet, which exuded ‘traditional’ elegance in her home.

With the Royal Line collection, each cabinet is hand made by skilled furniture makers using only the finest hardwood veneers and top-quality furniture-grade plywood. A wide variety of wood veneers and finishes are available to be meticulously applied to present a ‘regal’ aesthetic.

The cabinet featured a place for a flat screen TV with additional oversized center shelves. It also contained two side hutches to store away the clients personal belongings - maintaining a clutter-free home environment; a fundamental asset given her hectic working schedule.

To emphasize the traditional style, cabinets were both shallower and shorter than the Center Zoom-Bed cabinet which houses the Murphy Bed. It is a stately heirloom made from Mahogany with raised panelled fronts with hand applied Grand Harbor stain.

Overall, the Zoom-Room Murphy Bed was a great way to get more utility and create a centerpiece for what otherwise was an oversized vestibule between the two apartments. She now had a practical piece of furniture that serves a multitude of functions in her home; a guest bedroom, an entertainment centre and a storage unit that was designed in complete harmony with her current décor.

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