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The Amazing Electronic Retractable Murphy Bed from Zoom-Room

At Zoom-Room, we love space saving design solutions, full of high-tech engineering and unparalleled comfort. Since 2005 we have been the exclusive North American distributor of the German engineered and manufactured Zoom-Bed - a retractable, electronic, remote controlled Murphy Bed. Zoom-Room retractable beds are the perfect space saving solution for a home office in your current residence, a ski home or beach cottage, or even an AirBnB or rental unit.

Space Saving

Light years ahead of a traditional fold down Murphy Bed, the Zoom-Bed is the smarter small space design solution. Housed in a stylish modern cabinet that extends 24” from the back wall, the bed itself is completely undetectable, retaining the floor space in your room. Once the bed is extended, the Zoom-Bed and cabinet measures 106” from the back wall. You can view the Zoom-Bed Cabinet Dimensions here.

Supreme Comfort

Europeans have known for years that bed frames made of bowed wooden slats outshine box springs in terms of comfort, support and durability. The Zoom-Bed frames are constructed of premium bowed Beechwood slats which are adjustable to make the bed softer or firmer. Included is our high density premium foam mattress (a memory foam option is also available) which maintains its elasticity for decades with no lumping or sagging and it never needs to be turned. The Zoom-Bed is normally available in Queen Size. Twin, Full or King Size are available as a special order and will be manufactured by our specialist engineers in Germany.

Unparallelled Engineering

Designed and manufactured in Germany, Zoom-Room has taken the Murphy Bed concept one step further to create the ultimate design solution for convertible spaces. Unlike traditional Murphy Beds that fold down manually, touch the wireless remote, and Zoom-Room's premium foam mattress floats into the room, gliding down a vertical track hidden inside the stylish cabinet.

The Zoom-Room Retractable Murphy Bed provides the most comfortable and convertible sleep solution on the market, with an additional 5 year limited warranty.

Custom Cabinetry

Creating more space for storage in your multi-purpose space is easy with our Custom Cabinetry options. There are several lines of cabinets to fit your interior - whatever your style, there’s a Zoom-bed cabinet for you. For cabinet ideas, see our Cabinetry Gallery here. Cabinet options can include a space for a media center, shelving, art boxes with lighting or cupboards. Unlike other wall beds, the Zoom- Room Retractable Bed does not interfere with your flat screen TV, bookshelves or whatever you choose to place in front of them. The TV is fixed to the cabinet with the wires placed behind the cabinetry.

To establish the perfect fit for your home, browse our cabinet collections to help determine the perfect remote controlled Zoom-Room Murphy-bed for you! All our cabinets are custom made for the specific dimensions and requirements for your home.

The electronic, remote controlled Zoom-Room Murphy Bed is placed in a central cabinet, with the option to place side wardrobes, bookshelves and boxes above . At Zoom-Room we will work closely with you to provide a design solution that matches your style and meets your exact needs.

For the most comfortable convertible sleep solution on the market, contact Zoom-Room today to arrange your FREE Zoom-Bed Design Consultation or call our Murphy Bed experts on (888) 211-1120


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